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Date: 15th April 2011

Location: The Twist Colchester

The Dead Lay Waiting + Confined Within with support acts Lychway and Foreign Bodies.


Ipswich based Melodic Hardcore mob kicked off the night with a sizzling blast of sonic songs to eliminate any silence caused by the sound check experienced by The Dead Lay Waiting earlier. With a taste for fruity blastbeats and gut-rupturing vocals the Suffolk quintet are the appetiser for this evening at The Twist in downtown Colchester. A sensational performance limited any oxygen floating around to maximise into a sound wave of atomic proportions, namely they left the audience with sheer shock on their face as much to say ‘what in god’s name was that?’. Not much can be said about this quintet as they left many speechless, well except the vocalist naturally. The softest band of the heavy music set gave way to the next level of extremity, Foreign Bodies.



Local boyband Foreign Bodies took the reins from Lychway in blazing style, still riding in the same woods as Hardcore was born but alongside comes Metal and Punk to join the sauna the venue has come from the moshing that became implemented with sleaze, blood and a mass amount of cropped riffs, beats and vocal shifting. With this Colchester group, gigging in their hometown they had to impress, as words escaped the back door, fists were raised; the boys from Essex had convinced the audience they were good enough to share the stage list with the other three bands. It was time for the band to make their exit and allow the reign of heavy music to give way to the next level of extremity, Confined Within.



The next band to fall gracefully on the bestowed stage in The Twist is the major support act Confined Within, the Staffordshire Metalcore tour-de-force, deploying a myriad of heavy music that was second-best to The Dead Lay Waiting that night, none the less a brutal quintet with a package of crystal clean vocals, fury-laden drum beats – so much so the speakers cracked in half with the immense torture from this quintet, but whilst this was perhaps the heaviest band of the night, in terms of music craftsmanship they came second best to the boys from Swindon aka TDLW. But this was not to be the end of extreme music evolution, for it was time for the heaviest band of the night to rage chaos and bellow insanity on the stage, Swindon calling.


Swindon bay boys The Dead Lay Waiting cultivate a winning sonic streak of spine splitting mosh tracks. The Wiltshire quintet exhibits a constant stream of earthquake-causing riffs, blastbeats, screams and brutality. Foraging the foundations of The Twist in scintillating style, The Dead Lay Waiting prove why they are so worthy of their confirmed Download Festival slot and Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods nomination in the ‘best UK underground band’ category. Cause for concern circulated the moshpit, but still the crowd headbang with intention, this Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore ensemble are the next face of English Metal. But the moshpit soon kicks into fifth gear and soon the whole moshpit escalates into insane riots beyond mere civil Metal war. They decide to mix old ‘We Rise’ curses with ‘Almost Heaven’ sermons and in doing so shed grit, sweat and blood in the purest of forms. Don’t let the emo-ish look fool, for The Dead Lay Waiting proved many wrong and will continue to do so, this is Melodic Deathcore at its peak and Melodic Death Metal in its prime form. For the boys from Wiltshire, this is perhaps the best export from that side of England, but what is certain is that this mob are set to become regulars in the British (and eventually global) media. Watch this space, as The Dead Lay Waiting, waiting for all.


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