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Soon after the tragic end of New York gothic doom icons Type O Negative, it’s tempting to draw conclusions about the output on Seventh Void’s debut album. With song titles like ‘Killing You Slow‘, ‘Death of a Junkie‘ or ‘Last Walk In the Light‘; one could be forgiven for reading the whole album as a farewell to former band member Pete Steele.

Whether or not this is indeed the result of personal loss, it stands that the sense of anguish and despair in Kenny Hickey’s vocals bring with it an extra edge to the straight forwardly, traditional doom metal that Seventh Void have to offer. Working without the trademark gothic humour of Type O Negative leaves room for a much angrier, realist approach to the content on LP ‘Heaven Is Gone‘; which means that the band doubly functions as an alternative outlet through which Hickey and Kelly can start fresh to reinvent themselves and their career.

By tacking on the tag “Brooklyn doom metal”, it looks to be that the harrowing aura they built with this record might owe its dues to the urban environment where it was created. In a musical realm where reflection on the confines and modernity of cities tends to be rife post-black metal fare, it can feel almost rare to be reminded of this in older subgenres like doom metal since the latter allows for crushing riffs minus indie rock episodes.



Coinciding with the slow but steady awareness being given to Indian metal on the global radar, black metallers Heathen Beast have chosen a fine time to release their debut EP ‘Ayodhya Burns‘ for free download.

Ayodhya Burns‘ comes as a reflection of the Indian metal scene’s development and expansion over the years. While retaining the traditional nihilism of second wave black metal, Heathen Beast‘s reactions stay grounded in their country’s religious issues. Aside from the usual suspects, the trio also target Hinduism; which for the international sphere draws in reminders of how religion isn’t necessarily monotheism.

Musically speaking, the band have chosen the pattern established by “Eastern” bands for their raw produced sound; meaning elements of traditionally Middle Eastern and Asian rhythms can be traced through distorted riffs and blastbeats. Relating back to the release’s focus on their country’s violent religious history, it seems that Heathen Beast‘s decision on this path is to firstly recreate a specifically “Indian” approach to black metal which marks both the individuality of their home scene as well as their own place in the global metal realm.

Ayodhya Burns‘ will be soon available to the public as a free download on Heathen Beast’s ReverbNations page.

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