By on 6 May 2010

Holy fuck – I just felt a bit sick. Maybe it’s the inherent evil emanating from the email I just got, but Season Of Mist have just unleashed upon me materialistic hell in the form of their special edition Watain ‘Lawless Darkness’ boxset (to see a pic click the link below). OK, I went a bit doolally over their recent Drudkh wooden box but this tops it x 11. “The real thing is even much better, the feel of Satanic leather alone will send erotic shivers down your spines that make PETA members cry their shrivelled hearts out!” – that’s how it was sold to me – yeah, it worked. I’m utterly salivating.

It can now be pre-ordered exclusively from the SOM site – check it out.

It’s only 59€, which is what I spend in the Crobar of an evening, so well worth a night of sobriety methinks…

This grand, leather-bound grimoire of the Swedish Black Metal contains the Digipak version of ‘Lawless Darkness’, including the Death SS cover ‘Chains of Death’ (Erik doesn’t quite have the dulcet tones of Sanctis Ghoram… but who does!!). The box also contains a Watain symbol pendant with chain, a black candle in wrapping, a full colour flag and 10 tarot cards in a pocket, which have been specially designed, one for each song by Mr Danielsson!

Only 1.000 copies will be available worldwide! Pre-order now! What are you waiting for?


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