Yellow Eyes’s premiere full album ‘Sick With Bloom’

By on 10 December 2015

Yellow Eyes‘Sick With Bloom’ was recorded straight to a reel-to-reel tape recorder over the course of a week in May 2015 in a remote cabin in Connecticut, and is to be released on Gilead Media on Friday 11 December. That same day, the band are playing an album release show at The Acheron in New York with guests Anicon, Vilkacis and Ozama.

From the hallucinogenic title track (“They placed six spotlights dimly shining / Making amber of the brine / Black seeds and blinded shrimp held in the cones…”) to the cruelty of “Fallen Snag” (“I thought the elders leaning in had maps, kinetics, ancient bole / But now I see their wooden faces moaning / Lined with dusk and pale / Beholden to an early song / Still coiled on the rotten mother’s meal”) to the tent-pole track at the heart of the album, “What Filters Through the Copper Stain”, which frantically tugs the ear toward everything Yellow Eyes has ever attempted and ends in exhausted resignation (“A copper stain had shrouded me / In blue and red and green / The colors of the Earth, but more serene”), ‘Sick With Bloom’ is ultimately about the patterns of prejudice and fear that imprint themselves on our view out at the world, and how little that world cares how we see it.

The album is laced with field recordings from that week: a trumpet blaring in the woods, a piercingly loud marsh filled with frogs, a thunderstorm rolling in during a take.

Yellow Eyes are:

Will Skarstad: Vocals, Guitar
Sam Skarstad: Guitar
M. Rekeviks: Drums
Alex DeMaria: Bass (live)

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Sam Skarstad
Album art by Sam & Will Skarstad


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