…and so it begins: the Winterfylleth/Enslaved Tour Diary

By on 18 March 2013

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Winterfylleth are touring with Enslaved. The band’s guitarist/vocalist Chris Naughton is writing a tour diary exclusively for Terrorizer…

So, today we embarked on a 3.5 week tour with Enslaved around the UK/Ireland & Europe. Anyone who knows Winterfylleth will know that Enslaved are a band that we have always admired and are one of our influences; so the prospect of doing this is a real milestone for us.

What better way to break the ice than to kick it all off with a home town show in Manchester and catch up with a few old friends!
The evening started with me being a bit of a tour guide for Ivar & Grutle, taking them round the northern quarter and introducing them to some of the finer places that Manchester has to offer. All this while trying to explain to them why Cask Ale is so great, and even what it is. Possibly the drinking man’s equivalent of trying to explain pantomime to an American, but nevertheless I think the real joy will come when we can sample some! As a result some of England’s finest brews may need to be sampled along the way in the next few days!

With Magnacult ominously pulling out of the tour a few weeks ago, we were really pleased to find out that our friends in Ancient Ascendant were joining us for the first week or so. They kicked off the show to a pretty reasonable early crowd and proceeded to bring the riffs to the huddled masses. A few technical issues aside they showed why they were a more worthy addition to the fold on this stint of the tour. Lovely stuff!

So then to our performance… I thought we played really strongly and managed to air quite a few songs off the new album. Set list was: –

• A Memorial
• The Swart Raven
• The Fields of Reckoning
• Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain)
• The Threnody of Triumph
• Defending The Realm

Enslaved did a decent set after us and had played ‘Ruun’ within the first few songs which is a personal favourite of mine. It’s great to watch a band when you have such a strong familiarity with their discography. The set didn’t disappoint… onwards to Hammerfest V!

Words: Chris Naughton

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