Watch video for track by Calligram ‘Bed of Nails’

By on 16 November 2016

The track by Calligram ‘Bed of Nails’ is taken from the band’s EP ‘Demimonde’ which was released 4 November 2016 via Cimmerian Shade Recordings. You can support Calligram by visiting their Bandcamp page. ‘Demimonde’ is the band’s first EP since 2014’s ‘Soliloquy’.

Explaining the concept behind the track, the band explained:

“Bed of Nails is our take on the serial killer Marc Dutroux story. We wrote the story through one of his victims’ eyes and gave it a vengeful ending a la ‘Sin City’, in which the girl gets her own back. We like to write stories inspired by articles, books, films or events that have somehow touched us but we always give it a fictional tweak by taking some liberties with the story in order to make it our own and convey what we want to say. We’re not a political band at all but it doesn’t mean that we’ve got nothing to say about what goes on in our world.”

“With ‘Bed of Nails’, we just wanted to give the victims a chance to fight back and get some kind of justice in the end, simply because they didn’t get that chance in the real world, at least while they were still alive.”


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