Watch video for new track by Unfathomable Ruination ‘Pestilential Affinity’

By on 21 August 2016

Unfathomable Ruination band 600Watch video for new track by Unfathomable Ruination ‘Pestilential Affinity’ taken from the band’s new album ‘Finitude’ out 31 August on Sevared Records. You can pre-order ‘Finitude’ here.

Explaining the concept behind ‘Pestilential Affinity’, the band said:

“It concerns the process of realising that something that was desired, once achieved, is actually detrimental – an attractive outer shell that hid negative, harmful elements. As time passes that shell is slowly dropped or stripped away and that inner truth is revealed. And once that happens, needing to find the strength to break free: to overcome the trap most people fall into, of denying the truth you know through clinging to your previous illusions or just pure apathy as a reason keep this negative element in your life.”

The band have made the following statement about ‘Finitude’:

“Finitude: the limitation of all human relationships, emotions, the mind and the body. The art of Toshihiro Egawa showcases all emotion and visual bleakness Unfathomable Ruination are expressing audibly on this release by showing how weak and fragile the human race is. On this album, Unfathomable Ruination has succeeded in releasing an atypical Brutal Death Metal record. Each song is an amalgam of different influences from bands such as Ulcerate. Deathspell Omega, Dying Fetus, Monstrosity, Iniquity, Death and Origin. The band has managed to keep the brutal essence of Death Metal while their new album arrangements provides thought-provoking diversity and evokes strong emotions in the listener, all of which combines to set them apart from other bands in the genre.”

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