Watch Low Flying Hawks’ New Video ‘Ruins’

By on 19 January 2016


Featuring the talents of bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) and drummer Dale Crover (The Melvins), Low Flying Hawks’ hypnotic, sludgy shoegaze sound is a very enticing prospect indeed. Check out their new video ‘Ruins’, exclusively with Terrorizer…

Despite the big names on board (the album ‘Kōfuku’ was also produced by ex-Big Business Toshi Kasai at Sounds of Sirens studio in LA, who also lends some of his distinctive playing to the record), Low Flying Hawks is a project that consists chiefly of longtime collaborators and enigmatic multi-instrumentalists EHA and AAL. ‘Kōfuku’, which comes from the Japanese word for ‘Surrender’, has an undeniably melancholy sound, straddling the lines between doom and shoegaze in style.

The band’s guitarist/vocalist EHA had this to say about the video:

“In every human life there are endings of some sort, all of these leave ruins behind and those ruins slowly are forgotten or disappear across time but sometimes you can get stuck in those ruins not being able to move forward. This short film by Victoria Franco is a glimpse of humanity once it has collapsed and lost control, and how a human life can be suddenly reduced to a ruin.”

Check it out below…

Ruins (final cut with credits) from low hawks on Vimeo.

‘Kōfuku’ is due to be released on 12th February via Magnetic Eye Records

You can find Low Flying Hawks on Facebook

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