Warbringer Unveil New Lyric Video

By on 17 September 2013


Californian thrashers Warbringer have unveiled a brand new lyric video for the song ‘Hunter-Seeker’ from their forthcoming album ‘IV: Empires Collapse’, and it’s an absolute rager!

‘Hunter-Seeker’ is a furious, no holds barred thrash-a-thon, complete with frantic riffs, soaring leads, Celtic Frost-esque chugs and the snarling vocals of frontman John Kevill. If the rest of the album is as good as this, thrash fans around the globe are going to be very pleased indeed…

Warbringerchecked in to comment as follows about the track:

“Hunter-Seeker was the last song completed for the album, yet we feel is one of the strongest tracks to be presented to our fans as the first single. The music was composed and arranged by Carlos Cruz, and the lyrics were a collaboration between John Kevill and Cruz. Kevill had the title in mind before the lyrics were written, though the idea was to write about the instilled sense of fear and paranoia within humans with the recent leak in the mainstream media of the NSA’s operations of our surveillance.

Since 2007, Operation PRISM has been in effect; without consent of the people, and those in compliance have been all major internet providers and social media networks who have allowed the NSA to collect everything a user does on the world-wide web. When structured into lyrics, the subject gelled well with the songs dynamic of relentless, yet bleak music.”

Feast your ears and eyes on the video below…

‘IV: Empires Collapse’ is due to be released on October 28th via Century Media.

You can find Warbringer on Facebook.

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