Massacre Premiere ‘Back From Beyond’ Video With Terrorizer

By on 12 March 2014


Floridian death metal legends Massacre have teamed up with Terrorizer to premiere their awesome, animated new video for the title track of their highly anticipated comeback album, ‘Back From Beyond’.

Massacre one of those bands that don’t really need an introduction, but here’s a quick one anyway. The band’s ’91 classic ‘From Beyond’ is often hailed as one of the Florida death metal scene’s most pivotal works, and original vocalist Kam Lee is credited by some as one of the originators of the death growl itself, which he was belching out all the way back in 1986 on the band’s ‘Aggressive Tyrant’ demo.

It would be another 5 years until the follow-up, the somewhat poorly received ‘Promise’, was released and the band unfortunately called it a day afterwards. There have been a handful of reunion attempts in the years following, but now, almost 20 years since their last record, Massacre are back in action with a new album that should finally fulfil the demands of those hardcore fans longing for a true successor to ‘From Beyond’.

‘Back From Beyond’ was recorded and mixed by Tim Vazquez of CGM Studios, Florida, and features original Massacre members Rick Rozz (Guitars, ex Mantas / Death), Terry Butler (Bass, Obituary, ex Death / Six Feet Under) as well as Ed Webb (Vocals, ex Diabolic / Eulogy) and Mike Mazzonetto (Drums, ex Pain Principle), whilst the self referential cover art comes courtesy of Toshihiro Egawa (Cryptopsy, Krisiun, Devourment, etc.)

Check out the video for ‘Back From Beyond’ below…

Massacre will also be heading out a European tour in support of the new record. The full list of tour dates is as follows:

FR 02.05.2014 Tilburg (The Netherlands) – Neurotic Deathfest

SA 03.05.2014 Powys (UK) – Rad Fest

SU 04.05.2014 Leeds (UK) – Kin Hell Fest

MO 05.05.2014 London (UK) – Barfly

TU 06.05.2014 Oberhausen (Germany) – Resonanzwerk + Lay Down Rotten

WE 07.05.2014 Aalen (Germany) – Rock It + Lay Down Rotten

TH 08.05.2014 Hamburg (Germany) – Bambi Galore + Lay Down Rotten

FR 09.05.2014 Dresden (Germany) – Scheune + Lay Down Rotten

SA 10.05.2014 Siegen (Germany) – Vortex + Lay Down Rotten

SU 11.05.2014 Brussels (Belgium) – Magasin 4 + Pestilence

‘Back From Beyond’ is due to be released on March 24th via Century Media.

You can find Massacre on Facebook.

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