Urgehal premiere ‘The Sulphur Black Haze’

By on 16 December 2015

Urgehal 500Urgehal premiere new track ‘The Sulphur Black Haze’ featuring Taake’s Hoest on vocals. This is taken from the  album ‘Aeons in Sodom‘, which has been scheduled for release on February 12 2016 through Season of Mist.

When frontman Trondr Nefas died suddenly of natural causes at the age of 34 on May 13 2012, this sealed the end of Urgehal. Out of friendship, respect and as a tribute to Nefas, the Norwegians decided to go ahead with producing a final album. Half of the material on ‘Aeons in Sodom’ was written by Trondr with the other half contributed by guitarist Enzifer.

Urgehal also invited close friends and band mates from other projects of Nefas to contribute and pay homage.

‘Aeons in Sodom’ is dedicated to the memory of Trondr Nefas (May 28, 1977 – May 13, 2012)

1. Dødsrite
2. The Iron Children
3. Blood of the Legion
4. The Sulphur Black Haze
5. Lord of Horns
6. Norwegian Blood and Crystal Lakes
7. Thy Daemon Incarnate
8. Endetid
9. Psychedelic Evil
10. Woe
11. Funeral Rites (Sepultura cover)
12. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay (Autopsy cover)

Recording line-up:

Trondr Nefas: guitar solos
Enzifer: guitars, bass
Uruz: drums

The full line-up of guest musicians is:

Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE): vocals on track 2
M. Shax (ENDEZZMA): vocals and lyrics on track 3 and lyrics on track 5
Byron Braidwood (MONUMENTOMB): guitar solo on track 3
Hoest (TAAKE): vocals on track 4
Mannevond (KOLDBRANN): vocals on track 5, bass on track 12
Malphas (ENDEZZMA/HAGL): guitar solo on track 5 and 12
Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING): vocals on track 6
Sorath Northgrove (BEASTCRAFT/VULTURE LORD): vocals and lyrics on track 7
Nattefrost (CARPATHIAN FOREST): vocals and lyrics on track 8
Skyggen (TORTORUM): guitar solo track on track 8
Nag (TSJUDER): vocals on track 9
Diabolus (VULTURE LORD): guitar solos on track 9
Bay Cortez (SADISTIC INTENT): vocals and bass on track 11
Rick Cortez (SADISTIC INTENT): guitar solo on track 11
R.M (ANGST SKVADRON): vocals on track 12

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