Tsjuder Premiere New Track ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’

By on 25 August 2015

Tsjuder premiere new track ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’ from their forthcoming album ‘Antiliv‘ out 18 September on Season of Mist. Speaking about this, and the new album, the band said:

“This song delivers aggressive black metal with some thrash influences. The title means in Norwegian ‘The Devil’s Masterpiece’. The lyrics describes a first person “me” (or the reader) as a reflection of the Devil – or some devil. Infecting the world with chaos, destruction, negativity, etc., which has been the foundation and purpose of ‘my’ life. ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’ was the first track that we composed for the ‘Antiliv’ album (excluding ‘Ved Ferdens Ende’ that appeared on demo back in 1995).”

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