This Thursday: not one, but two Terrorizers hit the shelves!

By on 26 November 2012

This Thursday issue 230 of Terrorizer and Terrorizer’s Secret History of Earache records will both hit the shelves.

Terrorizer’s Secret History of Earache


Happy Birthday Earache! For 25 years the seminal UK label has launched the careers of many acts now widely considered pioneers of extreme metal. Napalm Death, Carcass, At The Gates, Morbid Angel, Cathedral, Bolt Thrower and Entombed as well as shining a leading light on the bands that continued to carry the torch of extremity such as Iron Monkey, Mistress, Cult Of Luna, Evile, Cerebral Bore and many others – Earache always had their ear to the ground for something new, so Terrorizer couldn’t think of another way better than to celebrate Earache’s 25th birthday by diving into the secret history of Earache.

Inside you’ll find the real truth behind the label from founder Digby Pearson as well as brand new and exclusive interviews with Shane Embury, Mick Harris, Lee Dorrian and David Vincent. We also talk to esteemed producer Colin Richardson about time spent working with Carcass.

We also list the Top 50 Earache releases that impacted extreme metal and also take a look behind the scenes with never seen before pictures.

Includes a special FREE CD 20 track best of Earache collection (including a face-melting Entombed cover by Brit thrashers Evile), and the ‘Shortest Album in the World’ on one CD!

Get your hands on this collectible edition of Terrorizer’s Secret History Of… now!


Terrorizer issue 230


Kirk Hammett’s rise to super-shredder stardom is well known and there’s no denying he is one of heavy metal’s best. But inside this month’s issue, we get a special insight into Kirk Hammett’s addiction to the macabre. Not content on giving us one interview, he speaks to us twice and dives into his fascinations with horror and details his collection and even his experiences watching real autopsies.

We also talk to the elusive UK black metal act Nine Covens, hail the return and long-awaited debut Von, hit up Hollywood with Sylosis, get retro with Graveyard and Troubled Horse, and celebrate 30 years of Destruction.

Plus there’s also our reviews pages, rammed to the gills with the latest releases. Who’s album of the month? Find out; it’s not who you think it is…

Order your copy now!

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