The Nervosa Tour Diary Part 2 – ‘Trans Europe Thrashness’

By on 6 October 2015


Fernanda Lira, bass player and vocalist with Brazil’s thrashers Nervosa, has written this second report of the band’s tour just for Terrorizer. Read on!

Heyy, everyone!

Welcome to the second chapter of my tour diary with NERVOSA.

Everything has been so great so far and I am really happy to have you to share my story with. Hope you have fun reading it. Put on your favorite metal album to play and get ready for this crazy part of the tour! 🙂

Now the leg of the tour with Hirax was over, it was time for my band to begin with our first headlining shows of the tour around here. We would be touring with 2 other bands this time – Desolator from the UK and Crisix from Spain. Can’t describe here how much I love those guys. Awesome and funny people, we had a great time together as you will see on the next lines 🙂


The first show of this leg of the tour was in Paris – what a kickstart!

It started really well already once the promoter took us to eat some Argentinian steak (which can be like being in heaven when you’re touring haha), and there I had my first famous ‘Crème Brule’ and my first sips of wine. First of a million ones I had while in France haha You’ll see what I mean.

After that we headed to the venue and man, this show was unforgettable. We played in a very small stage downstairs at a club called Le Klub and we really had no idea how the French crowd behaves in a show. Well, after this show and the other ones we had around France, I can guarantee they are one of the craziest and most energetic we have played for, no doubts. Even in small venue they were moshpitting all-the-fuckin-time. We even made a wall of death during a song in a place with the size of a room, which was crazy hahaha they were stage diving with their feet pressed against the ceiling and screaming for all the songs. Just remarkable.

After this incredible kickstart we were more refreshed than ever to move on and play the other cities.

The next one was Rennes, also in France, and it was there where I had the chance to start being close friends with the Desolator guys. Fuck, I miss them already. Before the show they showed up with a bottle of Jack Daniels Honey, one of my fave drinks ever. We sat at a table and started talking like we were long time friends haha After the (again) crazy show, we had a lot of fun, we even drank flaming drinks shots offered by the owner of the club together. Fun night indeed.


Now it was time to head to Spain and the first show was in Zaragoza – what a beautiful city it is. We got there kinda early and the reception by everyone there was so warm! But this was the point of the tour in which my mind almost went crazy hahaha I say that cause I was speaking in Portuguese with my girls, in English with the Desolator guys and in Spanish with everyone there in Zaragoza hahaha that was a crazy experience. The promoter there was incredibly sweet – he took us for a walk around the nearby touristic attractions, which are beautiful and somehow he found out wine was one of my favorite drinks ever, and then he took us to a bar to have some fine wine and even gave me two bottles of Spanish wine as a souvenir… How cute is that? 🙂 I will never have words to thank him for such kindness!

The show was pretty cool and again full of people wearing Brazilian bands t-shirts. Man, I really like it, it may sound silly, but it really means a lot to me when I see those 🙂

After that, we headed to Barakaldo, where there were really loving people talking to us and showing some love after the show, and then it was time to play in Vigo – one of the funniest nights of the tour so far haha

Here we also had time to walk around and it was awesome, because this city is by the sea and nature can always be refreshing and inspirational to me. After staring to the endless vastness of the ocean for a while, I was feeling renewed for the show. And it was super cool. We played in a club called Sala Transylvania and it had all this horror movie vibe inside, it was really cool. After we played we had A LOT of fun. Firstly because again my friends in Desolator had some Jack Honey for us and also because the veeeery nice and kind owner of the club offered us one of their typical drinks there – the ‘Licorca’, or licor café (Coffee Liquor). I am not a coffee fan, so I was kind worried if I would dig the taste of that. It was AWESOME. I ended up having 4 or so more shots of that later on hahaha and this thing can really make you tipsy in seconds, so 5 minutes later I was hugging all fans and made a moshpit with them in the middle of the club when the house DJ kindly started playing some Sepultura and Ratos de Porão haha I just couldn’t help it!! The DJ kept on playing Brazilian and British bands to show some love for us and the Desolator guys from the UK and we had a lot of fun singing them and headbanging to them with the fans that night.

The next show was supposed to be in Oviedo, but it was cancelled, but happily, the agency responsible for booking this leg of the tour for us, Roadmaster, were really fast and got us another gig, in Palencia – which was a pleasant surprise for us.

We played there at a very small but incredible club called Atmoshphere. I knew the gig was gonna be great from the beginning, when I got to know the promoters. They were really really really kind and seemed to be so happy to be having us over there. I am so thankful for them to have accepted this last minute challenge to make our show and for being so awesome to us. Another cool thing about this show was that I really felt like home. That’s because they told us we were the 24th Brazilian band to the playing there. Yes, exactly, 23 other Brazilian bands had played there, and most of them were bands from real good friends of us from Brazil, I felt really emotional and a little homesick and the vibe was like all these Brazilian buddies of mine were there with me that night, once I could see their stickers all over and also there was a Brazilian flag there which lots of friends of mine had signed. That was super super cool and special to me and the show was really energetic too.

We have also a crazy story about this gig. Right after we stopped playing, a guy from Portugal showed up at the venue with an incredible story. He left Portugal with his car and headed to Oviedo – he didn’t know the show there had been cancelled. So when he got there he was informed that it was moved to Palencia, and he took the cars and drove for more several hours to Palencia but when he got there, we had just finished playing. Wow, I felt SO totally depressed with his story, I really wish he was there on time for the show. He told us it was really a dream for him to watch us live and that’s why he drove those thousands of kilometers he said he wouldn’t give up on his dream easily. I got very emotional, and did my best to make him feel at home, taking him to the dressing room, giving him some food and booze and having a long conversation with him about many things. I told him that when we get to play Portugal, he will be our special guest. And I mean it, he deserves it a lot, he was such a warrior, I will never forget him!!


Now it was time to go back to France for 3 more shows – and I have to say they were some of the craziest and hottest we had so far on this tour. I MEAN EVERY WORD OF IT. Hahaha

Toulouse would be our first show ever in a squat and I was very excited about it. Also, this was the show where the Crisix guys joined the tour, and it was a dear surprise, because these guys are really something, not only musically wise, but on stage they are simply killer, one of a kind.

Well, the gig there was totally packed and it made the room be even hotter than it already was. The weather there was incredibly hot and when we hit the stage, after some songs, I really felt like I was playing in the North of Brazil, it was by far one of the hottest gigs I ever played haha and it was also wild audience wise, these guys were just awesome. The moshpit didn’t stop for a minute and I even got the mic to hit my mouth, on the day after I was looking like a bee had stung my lips hahaha

The next day was Bordeaux and I really had a great time over there. Mainly because I always dreamed of drinking some wine from Bordeaux and because of that, the tour manager of the previous leg of the tour put me in touch with a good friend of his from Bordeaux to show me around and present me some good wine – and to be honest, this made my day over there, I felt like I was longtime friends with this guy. He not only brought me some bottles of wine for me to take to Brazil, but also took me to some places to drink some Bordeaux wine and eat some French cheese and he also showed me his favorite spots in town. What a lovely guy, I will never forget it 🙂

This gig was super hot too, and because of that the floor got so slippery that I fell on the floor two or three times during this gig hahaha It was just crazy. Another cool thing that day was that a fan he had seen in two other shows here in Europe also found out I was a wine fan and brought me a bottle of her favorite wine from Toulouse as gift to me. This was so kind!!! Of course I opened the bottle and we shared it during the whole show!

The next show was in St. Etienne and this one was reaaaaally really crazy too. Just like in Paris, this was in a small club, but the crowd was totally insane, moshpit all the time, they were really wild and again I got hit by the mic, but this time on my left eye.

Excruciating pain, I couldn’t open it for some time and had to play Brutal Assault with a huge purple bruised eye, but it was worth it, the show was awesome!


Now it was time for one of the highlights of the whole tour – BRUTAL FUCKIN ASSAULT *_*

We were incredibly excited for this show and after a long drive, we finally got there. Just like at Headbangers Open Air, we didn’t know what to expect, since we were playing really early again, at around midday, but honestly, I am so happy we kinda didn’t know what to expect, because it was absolutely awesome, one of the best shows I have ever played in my life.

By the time we started playing, the festival ground was incredibly crowded, people everywhere and even before we started, they were already screaming the name of the band. Of course I got emotional AGAIN hahaha It was just too much happiness to me, when I say this kind of thing is a dream come true for us, believe me haha

The show was awesome and the signing session after that was packed, unfortunately we didn’t have time to talk to everyone, but that was incredible anyways!!

Now comes an even cooler part – the aftershow and of course the afterparty!! Hehehe

We were so happy we could watch to Annihilator, Cannibal Corpse and Kreator shows that night, we had a lot of fun!!!! Then we got the chance to talk to Mille Petrozza and I was all shy and started saying like ‘hey, we are from a band..’ then he interrupted me and said ‘yeah, I know it, Nervosa, right? I like your band’… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, WHAT THE HELL WAS THATTTTTT????? I just couldn’t believe that Mille Fuckin Petrozza knew my band. Seriously, I would never imagine that. My eyes got instantly full of tears!

We also got the chance to talk and present the band to Jeff Waters from Annihilator and again we met the Cannibal Corpse guys! This time I could talk a little bit more with my master and inspiration Alex Webster, and he always shows to be real happy for us when I tell him the band’s news.

But the most pleasant surprise and fun we had that night I guess was meeting the Krisiun guys. We knew they would play the fest but in a different day, so we kinda were ready not to meet them there, then out of the sudden I saw them there and it was super cool! We had some booze together and talked a lot, such a fun time we had! I really felt like home at that moment. Not only friends, but they are also a huge influence for us, we have such an admiration for them, so this closing for this perfect day was incredible!


Totally refreshed and happy, the other day we drove to Germany to play Hamburg! This was a pretty good show too, playing Germany is always fun! There were some pretty passionate fans over there and the after party here was incredible again! Some of the guys in the crowd paid some beers and Jack n Coke doses for the bands and again we were all happy and singing to the DJ’s playlist which again included a lot of Sepultura hehehe Us and the Crisix and Desolator guys singing Beneath the Remains screaming in the venue was something really remarkable! Hahaha

The only bad thing about this show was that after it I started getting a little sick. My doctor told me I have some kind of an allergy to weather change (can you believe it? I didn’t even know this existed hahaha), so if I keep on having hot then cold then hot then cold weathers, my nose and throat can be really sore, and that was exactly what I have had on those last days, like super hot gigs, then I left outside and it was windy and cold, so I couldn’t help that. I still am kinda sick almost one and a half week after, but it’s no big deal, I still feel pretty healthy and this is not affecting the shows, which is a relief, it is just annoying.

Oh, talking about health conditions, a random thing I would like to share with you guys too, is that for ten years now I have a condition on my vocal chords, I have a couple of nodules on them, and for some time I was really worried if I would be able to make like 51 shows almost in a row, because I had never done that before and no matter how prepared I felt, I still had that weird feeling of not being able to make it because of my condition, but the good thing is that my doctor and vocal coach prepared me a series of warming up exercises and told me that if I was a good and disciplined girl I wouldn’t have any problems and now I am so thankful for her, because so far, due to those exercises, I feel better before and after each show, I don’t even remember I have a condition 🙂

The only thing she warned me about was alcohol. When she told me that I was like ‘ok, this is just doctor talk so I can be healthy’ but I really felt that in reality. I think people who don’t have this borong nodules on vocal chords may not feel that affected by alcohol when they sing, but I have to admit that I did. On the first part of the tour I spent two weeks drinking every day, because we all really felt like celebrating and also fans always buy us stuff to drink with them and I never refused it. So I felt my voice a little weird for a while on the beginning of the tour and I quit drinking for like 4 days, and guess what? My voice was clean and new again! So from that time on, I’ve been drinking just the essential and been like drink one day, avoid it for three, and I have been feeling great voice wise! Wish I was like Lemmy who can drink Jack n Coke everyday and still be great hahaha but I can’t, so no problem!


The next day we headed to Tilburg, in the Netherlands, for another pretty cool show!

The vibe on this one was cool, wild moshpit again, and again I got hit by the microphone hahaha at this point, full of mic bruises I felt like I would end the tour looking like Frankenstein hahaha

Although I didn’t drink a sip on this show, the after party was totally crazy hahaha the DJ played from Manowar to that song ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ hahaha and we were all dancing like there was no tomorrow. I already miss the Desolator and Crisix a lot. Good times we had together, good times.


Then we headed to Kiel, back in Germany, to play another squat, again I was very excited! I love the vibe on those squats, there is always this kind of social environment that makes me feel really good and comfortable, and also makes me think about stuff. On this particular squat there were so many cool stuff written on the wall and posters too that really inspired me to write lyrics, can’t wait to write them down as soon as I have some time.

One of the cool things about this show was that many of the people who were there (this happened in Hamburg too), were people who had watched us at Headbangers Open Air, liked the show, and decided to show up and watch us again. This is so awesome, it makes me feel fulfilled. And this keeps on happening again, like, all the time in shows so far, lots of people who were at the fests we played, decided to show up at the small clubs shows too, this is awesome!!

The next show was in Rostock and it had that bitter vibe that the end of this leg of the tour was coming! After the cool show we had, the three bands sat around a table there near our beds, and the Desolator guys, who wouldn’t have time to party after the last show of the tour together because they needed to rush to the UK, opened a bottle of fine Scotch, and we just drank and drank and talked and talked for hours. Bittersweet night, I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye to those three English dudes 🙁


The last show of the tour with the three bands together was supposed to be in Frankfurt but this one was cancelled and again the booking agency was pretty fast to move it to another city. We then played in Mlada Boleslav, in Czech Republic. The club was small and had a completely unique vibe, I will never forget that. It was all painted black with a lot of terrorizing drawings on the walls and full of spider webs. That was soooooooo super cool, I mean it, I felt like I was in a horror movie, incredible and unique vibe!!!

This show was simply one of the best we had in clubs in this leg of the tour, I mean it!! The place was totally packed and the people seemed to be very excited for the show!!! This was totally confirmed by the moment we started playing, cause people got really crazy there, like singing the songs, clapping their hands and screaming a lot on every moment they could. Moshpit? As brutal as it could be!!! We were really happy during the show and so were the people, everyone was having a lot of fun and this is how a closing show of a tour must be!! Thank you Czech Republic, that was simply awesome!!

After crying a little during the last goodbye to the guys from the other band, we decided to take a good rest, ‘cause the next day would be an important one for us.

We were so, so, so, excited about thus next gig that I don’t even have words to describe it to you guys! IT WAS FUCKIN SUMMERBREEZE TIMEEEEEEE!!!!! *_*

And what a huge fest that is, I mean, structure wise. All those other fests we played were also enormous to us once we had never played something like them before, but Summerbreeze is absolutely huge. When we passed over the camping area and the main stage area we just couldn’t believe it hahaha we felt like we were in some sort of a giant land, everything was so big haha



As soon as we got there we met two girls from our label Napalm Records and it was just awesome! I was really excited for meeting the folks of our label in person finally and we had a great time together, I simply loved them and wished we could have had more time to hang around with them on the fest. Right after we met them, we bumped into Schmier from Destruction and Panzer – what a cool guys, I always love to meet him around and also he always seem to be very supportive to our band, which for me is incredible and like a dream come true to me, because he is a huuuuuge influence and a dear idol to me! After a cool talk with him, I had another pleasant awesome surprise – I met the Death Angel guys!

You know, five years ago was the last time they played in Brazil and I was working for the promoter who did their show in São Paulo, and because of that I was all the time with them while they were in my city and we became real close friends, so meeting them after five years was soooooo incredible!


They were all super happy for me, cause back then I didn’t even have a band and five years later I was playing Summerbreeze, they know I worked so hard for that and it was so beautiful to see how happy they were. It’s hard to find kinder, more humble and sweeter guys than the Death Angel ones. I love them and always will. And Mark, that beautiful little fucker, watched our whole gig!!!!! HOW COOL IS THATTTTTT??? I was already feeling in paradise and the show hadn’t even started.

We played late that night and were the last band of the fest, I didn’t think there would be people awaken to watch us, but it was so cool that lots of people showed up and again seemed very excited to watch us, I couldn’t be any more thankful for everyone who was there to enjoy our show, it was certainly a night to remember. I was so happy and excited that on the first songs I wasn’t singing, I was purely screaming with all my lungs, it took me some time for me to control myself hahaha Also, I was playing with so much energy that my fuckin E string just broke in the middle of the set!!! It was depressing for a moment, but I could quickly figure a way out of the situation and the show went on!!!

The show was incredible, we will always remember that night.

This is how the second leg of the tour ends, and it ends with that feeling that the metal gods are on our side hehe. We’ve had so far that we barely feel that over a month has passed already. Again, each new day is a fuckin dream come true!

See on the next chapter if I survive all this shit hahaha 🙂

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