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By on 8 September 2016



Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings, the home of quality underground extreme metal artists like Caïna, The Antichrist Imperium and The Bogs of Aughiska, have released a free twelve track download label sampler ‘Black Magic Elementals’. You can download ‘Black Magic Elementals’ from the Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings Bandcamp page.


Caïna – ‘Entartete Kunst’

aw-1“Bukowski woke up each morning in a pool of his own vomit” Entartete Kunst is about the self-centred nature of people who define themselves solely by their art. Great art can truly come from broken people, but that doesn’t make such a personality something to aspire to.”- Laurence (Taylor, vocalist)

“Musically this track is an expression of rage towards the self, set against a despairing backdrop of demolition machinery, pneumatic drills and grinding metal (field recordings of which are used as part of the percussion and melody). It’s an elegy to decay and dissolution.”- Andy (Curtis-Brignell)

aw-2Turbid North – ‘Eyes Alive’

“‘Eyes Alive lyrically is one of those ‘what if everything you’ve ever been told is a lie’ kinda stories. We wanted to kick the album off with a super aggressive track right outta the gate. The song very much sums up what you’re in store for.” – Nick



Mortichnia – ‘A Furious Withering’aw-3

“A Furious Withering, a despondent acquiescence to chaotic tide, reclamation of form by fire and fury.”



You can buy and support the music on the label’s roster direct from Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.

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