Terrorzone Review: Down + Orange Goblin + Warbeast in London

By on 25 October 2012
Down live in London

“C’mon! Chuck me the ball, guys”

When the 2012 Down tour was announced back in June, it became one of the most anticipated bills of the year. With this one-time side-project supergroup now commanding far larger venues than each members’ own musical endeavours, NOLA’s sons of the riff are back and boy are we bloody excited!

Housed in the splendid surroundings of London’s grade-two listed Roundhouse, tonight’s bill is opened from Anselmo-endorsed true metallers Warbeast. An energetic, leather-and-studs start to the night, the quintet shred, squeal and wail through an onslaught of pure metal riffery before London’s own Orange Goblin storm into a fist-pumping set of triumph. Giving a good airing to a mixed-bag of antiquities, there really couldn’t be a better main support for Down.

Taking our young, awe-struck eyes away from the fact there are five legendary men on stage playing some of the best songs ever written this side of the ’90s, we’d love to report that as flawless as it should be, and as they’ve proven in the past (Hellfest 2011, Astoria 2006), the band spend two-thirds of the evening carrying their captain tonight.

(Here’s some ropey footage of a largely instrumental ‘Stone The Crow’.)

Aloof and genuinely comical (at moments) aside, Phil wavers, all too often, from top class frontman (‘Ghosts Along The Mississippi’, ‘Open Coffins’) to posturing entertainer, fanned by the crowd’s hero worship (‘Stone The Crow’, ‘Lysergik Funeral Procession’). With that elephant out in the open,this is Down and every song tonight is still heavy enough to smash the tits off the Statue Of Liberty, so there’s little to frown about upon leaving.

Words: Lee MacBride

Pic: Gobhinder Jhitta

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