Terrorizer’s Top 50 Albums Of 2014: Part 2

By on 17 December 2014


As 2014 continues to disappear at an alarmingly fast rate, it’s time to continue our countdown of our 50 most highly rated records of the year. In case you missed albums 50 through to 31 in Part 1 a few days ago, here’s a quick recap of the rules: we asked each of our writers for their twenty favourite albums of 2014, assigned their number one choice twenty points, their twentieth choice one point (and so on and so forth), and then totalled up the scores, blah blah, etc etc. The results are as follows…

30. Trap Them30. TRAP THEM ‘Blissfucker’ PROSTHETIC

For ‘Blissfucker’ Trap Them truly delivered on the metal/hardcore fusion they’d always hinted at by taking brutal D-beat fury, injecting it with riffwork that could have fallen from a compilation of classic Swedish death metal and drenching the result in utter darkness.[Guy Strachan]





Spanish horror-honchos Teitanblood could always be relied on for an unflinching lurch into a pit of disease and abjection, but they excelled themselves here, delivering a bracing 68 minutes of suppurating and remorseless black/death metal replete with the very stench of hell. [Jimmy Martin]



28. Sunn O))) & Ulver28. SUNN O))) & ULVER ‘Terrestrials’ SOUTHERN LORD

The first of Sunn O)))’s two marquee collaborations released in 2014, ‘Terrestrials’ (in the works since 2008), features three desolate, jazz-influenced tracks which showcase the power and evolution of these two groups. [Noel Gardner]




12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]27. PYRRHON ‘The Mother Of Virtues’ RELAPSE

Nominally a death metal band, Pyrrhon turn everything upside down by combining jazz, grind, prog and the kitchen sink with stonking songwriting and some defiantly unorthodox vocal stylings. [Ed Chapman]




26. Today Is The Day26. TODAY IS THE DAY ‘Animal Mother’ SOUTHERN LORD

Steve Austin’s relentless catharsis took form once again as a chaotic and almost unbearably extreme album that pondered life and mortality with delicate poignancy while simultaneously wiping out everything in its path. [José Carlos Santos]



tp0004c_SP_DPGate_Cover25. EARTH ‘Primitive And Deadly’ SOUTHERN LORD

The most metallic record that Earth have made this century, on which Dylan Carlson and co’s trademark molasses-wading pace and existential weight were deployed skyward by epic bravura and cinematic sweep alike. [Jimmy Martin]




24. Vallenfyre24. VALLENFYRE ‘Splinters’ CENTURY MEDIA

A gritty exercise in dirty old-school death spat out by battle-scarred scene veterans reliving the heydays of the ’80s. ‘Splinters’ really gets under the skin, coating everything in a thick, scummy layer of crust. [Pete Woods]




23. Autopsy23. AUTOPSY ‘Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves’ PEACEVILLE

A zombie sawing his arm with a hacksaw, using his entrails as a tourniquet on the cover, alright? And Autopsy’s third flawless death metal monster since their glorious return sounded exactly like its cover looked. [José Carlos Santos]




digi mall [Converted]22. BLUT AUS NORD ‘Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry’ DEBERMUR MORTI

Blut Aus Nord’s latest offering bears the trademark mercurial nature of Vindsval, unsurprisingly reminding us again of why this band remains one of the most important in extreme music today. [Jonathan Dick]




21. Wovenhand21. WOVENHAND ‘Refractory Obdurate’ DEATHWISH

Wovenhand reached many metal listeners for the first time in 2014 with ‘Refractory Obdurate’, a surprising blend of alt-country and psych-rock. A fantastically adventurous record, ‘The Refractory’ is particularly breath-taking. [Tom Saunders]




19. Dead Congregation20. DEAD CONGREGATION ‘Promulgation Of The Fall’ MARTYRDOOM

It took six years, but Greece’s most infernal sons conjured ancient death metal magic on ‘Promulgation…’, a supremely (un)righteous and utterly devastating death metal album for these new dark ages. [John Mincemoyer]




20. Panopticon19. PANOPTICON ‘Roads To The North’ BINDRUNE

With some of his most impassioned song writing and astonishingly ferocious performances yet (those drums!), Austin Lunn’s windswept black metal/bluegrass fusion has never sounded so fully realised or emotionally charged. [Kez Whelan]




18. Thou18. THOU ‘Heathen’ GILEAD MEDIA

‘Heathen’s doom/sludge experience goes beyond generalised cathartic hostility. It’s more like a super-villain has taken the time to craft a 200-tonne tar-based monolith wrapped in bursting veins, snapped tendons and the ghosts of torments’ past, then dropped it on your dumb ass from atop The Shard. [Kevin Stewart-Panko]



17. Agalloch17. AGALLOCH ‘The Serpent And The Sphere’ PROFOUND LORE

Agalloch returned this year with their most straight up metal release since ‘Pale Folklore’. The album is a lot more restrained than ‘Marrow Of The Spirit’, but is still very majestic. [Tom Saunders]




16. Swallowed16. SWALLOWED ‘Lunarterial’ DARK DESCENT

Probably the most hallucinogenic album of the year; ‘Lunarterial’ took the horror of Autopsy and applied it to a much more dynamic canvas whose expansive savagery replicated the mother of all nightmare drug trips. [Guy Strachan]




15. Voices15. VOICES ‘London’ CANDLELIGHT

Moving between passages of genre-shifting, heartfelt fragility and tumultuous discourse, ‘London’ conceptually bristles with urban paranoia, taking the listener on a wild emotional ride through the underbelly of its heaving city.  [Pete Woods]




14. Judas Priest14. JUDAS PRIEST ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ EPIC

Laden with glorious, fist-pumpin’ heavy metal anthems hewn from pure British steel, ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ is undoubtedly the best Judas Priest album since 1990’s ‘Painkiller’ – an unexpected but life-affirming triumph. [Dean Brown]




13. Winterfylleth13. WINTERFYLLETH ‘The Divination Of Antiquity’ CANDLELIGHT

UK black metal heroes Winterfylleth’s fourth full-length is undoubtedly their most defining statement to date; their stirring odes to England’s distant past sounding bigger, better and more absorbing than ever before. [Mike Kemp]




12. Morbus Chron12. MORBUS CHRON ‘Sweven’ CENTURY MEDIA

They could have easily followed in the footsteps of Autopsy and Nihilist once again and gotten away with it. But no, Morbus Chron chose to follow the white rabbit instead, and the result is as disorienting as it is fascinating. [Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin]




11. Midnight11. MIDNIGHT ‘No Mercy For Mayhem’ HELLS HEADBANGERS

Second album of bunched-fist, punked-up speed metal revivalism from Cleveland studs’n’leather stalwarts. Proudly shunning progress since 2003, Midnight are one-trick ponies – but what a trick. And what crazed, Satanic ponies. [Noel Gardner]



Phew, almost there! Watch out for our top ten albums of the year in a few days time, or catch up on albums 50 to 31 here if you missed them.

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