Terrorizer 266 – Baroness

By on 29 December 2015

00 cover 300Terrorizer 266 with Baroness is available right now.

I love Baroness. It’s been a long-standing love affair spawned when my former boss man and myself heard their ‘First’ EP over a decade ago and promptly called up John B for an interview in our old rock mag. Ever since, it’s been a pleasure to see such an organic, strong growth in their music over the years.

‘Purple’ is as thunderous and beautiful as I’d hoped it would be. I hope you agree. It may not have happened after the terrible events that occurred when Baroness were involved in a serious bus accident two years ago. I recall visiting John and his family in Bath during his recovery and being overwhelmed with the truly horrific account the band and crew experienced. Our cover story is testament to a band who have overcome massive life changing events and have come out the other side with creativity in tact. It’s an honour to have these guys on our cover and it’s one that is fully justified on musical merit alone. Enjoy the album yourselves and enjoy our awesome cover story.

Elsewhere, enjoy our Critics’ Poll – you’ve got to love a list, right?! Quaff, agree or get incensed – your call! It’s always fun to recount some of the best records of the past 12 months and personally I had a lot of fun compiling my own which is included within. It’s been a great year for metal of all genres and I reckon 2016 will be too.

Signing off for now – time to indulge in my ‘Purple’ Pledge Music goodies!



Terrorizer 266 with Baroness is available as a good old-school print magazine right now.

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