Terrorizer 263 – Slayer!

By on 14 September 2015

253 cover 450Everyone has a favourite album by their favourite band and very often it’s really hard to get past said album and find enjoyment in albums that have come after it. When it comes to some bands, it’s pretty obvious why – Metallica haven’t floated my boat since 1988 – and when it comes to conversations about Slayer, it seems everyone has an opinion on which album is their best. So with ‘Repentless’ about to land on the shelves (and yes, I am excited about owning a physical product still), for many fans it’s all about the trepidation of living up to that ‘favourite album’ when it comes to a new release. Thing is, for Slayer, they’ve already got ‘Show No Mercy’, ‘Reign In Blood’ and ‘South Of Heaven’ in their back catalogue, so they don’t need to recreate any of these.

And if you only want Slayer from this era, go listen to those records, or the likes of Metal Blade’s Satan’s Wrath, or indeed any of the Hell’s Headbanger’s label catalogue. But if you try and remember this simple fact, then ‘Repentless’ will be staying on your stereo for quite a number of spins; it’s not recreating the past, it’s reaffirming this classic band’s position in extreme music. It’s an honour to have them on the cover this month and remind everyone just why Kerry, Tom and company are still so important and relevant after 30 years in the game.

Elsewhere in this issue, we hope you enjoy a plethora of features on all the best bands that are releasing albums right now, and of course read about the return of Immortal’s Abbath in our news pages ahead of his London debut show next month.


Terrorizer 263 is out now; get your copy here.


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