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By on 31 July 2015

Terrorizer 262 is out now; get your copy here.262 covers 300

It is good to see the tides of extreme music changing, in more ways than one. A quick glance at our crucial cover artist/album of the month axis this issue is very revealing of the many exciting things that are currently happening in our often insulated universe of subgenres.

First of all, and perhaps most important of all, here we have two supremely talented women, Myrkur and Chelsea Wolfe, carving their own path by strength of their talent alone, leading their respective genres, be they black metal, folk, gothic, doom or whatever you want to call them – even by the unclassifiable nature of their art you can tell already how restlessly creative and innovative they are – into wherever it is they will go next, for everyone else to follow.

In a world where metal is often held up as a misconstrued example of a sexist subculture, it is very nice to hear an opinion from the “inside”, as it were, stating the opposite, with Myrkur remarking on how pleasantly surprised she was with the egalitarian gender posture she has found since switching into our musical world, especially when compared to pop music. And she has bossed around some of the toughest Norwegian dudes around to get ‘M’ done the way she, and she alone, wanted it, so she knows.

A lot of work remains to be done and countless mentalities still need to be changed, yes, and to tackle this subject in any depth would require another issue of the magazine, but it is great to see extreme music being hailed, for once, as an example in the way it deals with problems which are transversal to our entire society.

Regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, sexual orientation or any other fictitious barrier people use to divide one another, we should all unite to celebrate the fantastic music we have been lucky enough to have been hearing lately, be it Myrkur, Chelsea Wolfe, or any of the other heavyweights we’re covering this month. As a meme that’s been going around says wisely, “Don’t judge people by skin colour, religion or sexual orientation – Judge them by the contents of their record collection!” Stay with us and we’ll pass this particular judgement together, with flying colours.


Terrorizer 262 is out now; get your copy here.


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