Terrorizer 260 – Goatsnake, Gorgoroth and more

By on 12 June 2015

Cover 400This issue has been brought to you with the keyword of nostalgia. Actually, I’m not sure that’s entirely true and it wasn’t our intention, but after a quick review of these here pages just prior to pressing the ‘Print’ button, it certainly feels like it.

I find myself remembering the first time I saw Goatsnake, playing in a pub with Electric Wizard in Birmingham. Outside there was torrential rain and by the time the headliners hit the stage, there was thunder and lightning. Never was the weather so appropriate for a show. Goatsnake were utterly compelling, Pete Stahl in particular was (and still is) such a unique frontman, both in performance and vocal style.

When the band played with Godflesh and DRI a few years ago at The Forum in London (another devastating gig in itself – and again taking me back to the first time I saw DRI with COC in Brum, and Godlfesh at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester) – it was pleasing to see the Californians had lost none of their charm. And now in 2015, their new album shows that things definitely get better with age! I’m proud to have them on this month’s cover.

The news of Acid Reign’s “reboot” also takes me back to fun times of manic pits, stage invasions and a time before gigs became restricted through absurd Health And Safety regulations. Why can’t bands hire their own security like Sabbat did for some good, clean friendly violent fun? And just to keep up the nostalgic feel, this month we got a new Nuclear Assault EP (more on that next month) and Paradise Lost have delivered an absolute stormer of a new record (anyone else remember their Wrexham Memorial Hall gig?).

Phew! I may feel old now, but it’s been a classic month! Enjoy the read and see you next month.
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