Terrorizer 259 – Satyricon, Steve von Till, Tribulation, Jarboe and more

By on 1 May 2015

Terrorizer259Cover300Terrorizer 259 is out now with Satyricon, Arcturus, Steve von Till, Tribulation, Wino, Agnostic Front and more!

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Frequently finding themselves in the crosshairs of the trigger-happy black metal scene police (mostly for having the audacity to think for themselves), Satyricon – and their main man Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven in particular – have clearly shown for a very long time now that they will bend to no will but their own, regardless where the unwritten rules might be echoing from. Furthermore, whereas many bands that start out fiercely independent eventually mellow out or conform to the inevitable compromises required by record labels, pushy fans, promoters or even their own jadedness, Satyricon seem to be getting even more stubborn in their lack of will to do anything else other than what they, and no one else, really want – and they still want a great deal of things.

This mentality is very, very rare, and it’s what makes them an example and a band to be put on the cover of leading magazines such as Terrorizer, regardless of what excuse there might be at the time to do it. To hear Satyr tell us the way he point-blank asked the members of an opera choir to raise their hands if they really wanted to do a show with him, and leave if they didn’t, to hear the way he flat out refused to do an American tour for the last album because it wasn’t on his own terms, and screw the label and the album sales, to hear him say that because of the extra income from his winemaking he can be even more sure of himself when he tells the “industry people” to fuck off – all of that is priceless and needs no extra justification.

Of course, that there is a remarkably bold and courageous step, like ‘Live At The Opera’ is indeed a very nice excuse to have them, but any other would do, because any other step would have also been the step of a leader, not a follower. It was like that when they dropped the stone cold black metal classic ‘Nemesis Divina’, when they spearheaded the “industrial revolution” in black metal with ‘Rebel Extravaganza’ and Satyr’s own Moonfog label, when they made black’n’roll an actual thing and not an underground phenomenon – just to name a few crucial moves, and long may it continue to be.

“Kingdom come – hear the roar / Climbing down / To rule the earth!”
José Carlos Santos

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