Terrorizer 257 – 25 Years of Relapse

By on 5 March 2015

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Increasingly it appears that consumers of music (and critics) are constantly looking back and raving about albums that came out before they were even born and claiming their stakes on bands that perhaps were never as good first time around than these people actually think. Sometimes, the past is best left in the past. However there are exceptions. When Terrorizer produced an Earache magazine to celebrate their 25th anniversary it was an honour to celebrate a label that defined and created a scene that was pretty much responsible for this magazine’s existence.

Similarly this month we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Relapse with a cover story dedicated to the label that has been grinding and more for over half my life-time on this planet. Some of my favourite bands have enjoyed an affiliation with Relapse over the years – from Neurosis to Today Is The Day, from Mastodon to Baroness – all classic bands from a classic label. The label has evolved over time and I hope you enjoy our potted documentary inside these pages that explores its origins, its legacy and of course its future. From Exhumed to Torche, this issue is packed with Relapse goodness.

Elsewhere, we rejoice at the return Dødheimsgard​, take a tour of the Carpathian Mountains with Negură Bunget​, explore the latest Enslaved​ opus, find out how Thou​ and the body​ teamed up for one of the year’s heaviest records, quiz Melechesh​ on their bizarre new tuning, test Amon Amarth​ on their knowledge of Viking metal and get thoroughly debauched with the mighty Archgoat​. We also chat to Oozing Wound, A Forest Of Stars, Sourvein and more!

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