Terrorizer #252: Swedish Death Metal Returns!

By on 22 September 2014

252First of all, we are sorry for the unacceptably late delivery of Terrorizer #251 and #252. We had a number of production difficulties which resulted in #251 reaching the printers incredibly late and we missed our on-sale date by a number of weeks. We’d hoped to get these magazines out with #252 before the end of August, however we found ourselves in a similar position with this issue which again was delivered very late.

The plan is to now get 251 and 252 out to subscribers at the end of this week. In the meantime, our publisher will today be sending everyone for whom we hold an email address a gift code to download digital copies of #251 and #252. If for whatever reason you do not receive an email from her, please contact her at Miranda@DarkArtsLtd.com

We have as a team been working hard to pull back the time we have lost, and we are hoping we are now over the worst of these problems and that from next month we will be back on form. Thanks for bearing with us!

Now, onto #252 itself then!

This month, Terrorizer brings you the story of SWEDISH DEATH METAL with ENTOMBED A.D. to discover why one of heavy metal’s greatest movements, which many thought to be dead and buried, came back to life in spectacular fashion. With a little help from another member of the elite group of bands, L-G PETROV and Terrorizer guide you through an essential piece of metal history.

We speak to NACHTMYSTIUM’S ever controversial frontman BLAKE JUDD about why the band nearly came to an end, and how he battled back from drug addiction. We talk to THE HAUNTED to find out how they turned their ship around, hear how PALLBEARER became the hottest property in doom, and hear ALESTORM apologise to Scotland.

We find out how DRAGONFORCE managed to move beyond the novelty factor, and why SAM TOTMAN would happily do, er, simulated bumming all day. We talk to ORPHANED LAND to get a perspective on the Gaza crisis, hear from Icelandic cowboys SÓLSTAFIR on how they made the banjo necro, and get a rare insight from the brilliant mind behind PANOPTICON.

We test BLOODY HAMMERS’ metal knowledge, find out why CULT OF LUNA tried to get more women on festival stages, hear from power metal legends in UNISONIC, discuss Celtic mythology with ELUVEITIE, hear the story behind North America’s biggest rock and metal festival HEAVY MONTRÉAL, and find out all the gossip on WINTERFYLLETH’S new outing.

And if that’s still not enough, this month’s Terrorizer also features:


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