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By on 25 July 2014

251_Cover_low_resolutionThis month, Terrorizer looks back at the past fifteen years of extreme music to pick the 40 most important albums of the century, featuring Ghost, Mastodon, Opeth and all the other greats of our time. Which records have had the most impact, most influence and most enduring effect? What new bands made crucial albums, which classic acts showed their continued importance, and which big names missed out – all the answers in our definitive cover feature this month.

We also talk to WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM as they transcend above and beyond black metal’s borders, and find out how it may not be as big a departure for them as you think. We speak to legendary former Kyuss frontman JOHN GARCIA to find out why he’s going solo, and ask SUICIDE SILENCE why the death metal purists simply don’t get them.

We speak to ACCEPT about why the 1980s might not have been as creatively pure as you might think, and how they’ve survived the revival buzz to re-establish themselves in metal’s pantheon. We talk to Bobby Blitz about how the hell OVERKILL have managed to keep thrashing after nearly 35 years on the road, and find out from DEMONIC RESURRECTION how rebellion takes different forms depending on where you start from.

We preview the metal event of British summer time, this year’s BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL, talk about why songwriting has to come before technicality with ORIGIN, get boozy with EXHUMED and TOXIC HOLOCAUST, report from HELLFEST on the return of Emperor to the stage, talk to BAD OMEN RECORDS founder Will Palmer in our label profile and reveal why heavy metal needs to fight one of its biggest problems.

If that’s still not enough, this month’s Terrorizer also features:


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