Terrorizer 250: Judas Priest

By on 20 June 2014

250 cover 300 Terrorizer celebrates our 250th issue by asking if JUDAS PRIEST are still relevant, and ask them if 40 years of metal have jaded their enthusiasm for the genre.

We also talk to the monolithic MASTODON to find out why they’re going through bad times, speak to ultimate cult band AGALLOCH, and discover secrets about OBITUARY’S early days. KHORS reveal how the ongoing crisis in Ukraine affects them, get the latest from ORANGE GOBLIN in the studio, and SONISPHERE FESTIVAL explain why the bottom line for bands at festivals is money.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY explain how they fell victims of hardcore’s fashion police, TRAP THEM reveal why this is an end of an era for them, CANNABIS CORPSE and TANKARD both reveal serious sides, and we foolishly go to the pub with MAYHEM.

Also in Terrorizer #250 are:
EQUILIBRIUM – WRETCHED …and much, much more!

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Rob HalfordThe older metal’s greatest icons get, the more they learn that it is not necessary to put out a new album every couple years. They have built their own legacy, and although bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rush and Judas Priest continue to put out vital music to this day, still touring worldwide, it is easy to forgive them for taking some time to enjoy their lives, and return whenever inspiration strikes them next. After all, they have done enough for the fans and the genre as it is.

“I think it’s good to take a deep breath and reflect as a band, it doesn’t matter who you are,” agrees Rob Halford, legendary singer for Judas Priest, who is in London to do some early promotion for the band’s seventeenth album ‘Redeemer Of Souls’, their first since 2008’s double album ‘Nostradamus’. “For a band like Priest that’s been in metal for 40 years, it’s really important. We understood that after ‘Nostradamus’ there was this void, this musical void. Six years of emptiness. All the back catalogue was still roaring, but once the time settles down after a big tour like the [2011] Epitaph tour, a lot of bands will say this, you’re just digesting a lot of things that have happened through that touring sequence. You have to think, what is there left to say after seventeen albums and hundreds of metal songs? And quite a variety. One minute you have ‘Painkiller’, then the controversial ‘Turbo’ album, then you go to ‘Defenders Of The Faith’, and everything in between.”

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