Terrorizer 249 – Arch Enemy Pass the Torch

By on 26 May 2014
Arch Enemy Pass the Flame

Arch Enemy Pass the Flame


The torch has been passed in one of the world’s biggest extreme metal bands, and Terrorizer brings you the full story this month. ARCH ENEMY singer Angela Gossow has stepped down, and passed the baton on to her successor Alissa White-Gluz. We speak to both women, and the band’s leader Michael Amott, to get the full story of why a genuine pioneer has left, and what the future holds. (You can read an excerpt from our interview below).

Also this month, we also hear from Swedish powerhouses SABATON on how why they are suffering from their biggest case of performance anxiety. We speak to two legendary sludge bands, CROWBAR and EYEHATEGOD, about milestones, mental illness, car-crash performances and love of KISS.

We travel to Sweden to ask MORBUS CHRON, VAMPIRE and MIASMAL why the country is once again a hotbed of death metal, and stick around in the country to find out the full story of DRAGONFORCE’S upcoming album.

ANATHEMA explain why they had to go backwards to move forwards, while Max Cavalera and Troy Sanders discuss their new supergroup KILLER BE KILLED.

We also ask (#whynot) DYING FETUS frontman John Gallagher for his favourite tunes, ask Paradise Lost’s Greg Mackintosh why VALLENFYRE returned for more, celebrate 30 years of VADER with Peter, find out why black metal and HP Lovecraft go so well together with THE GREAT OLD ONES, test the music knowledge of killer rising stars INTER ARMA and WINDHAND, recall one of black metal’s lost masterpieces with DAWN and hear why MISERY INDEX are invoking, er, Rush.

If that’s still not enough reasons for you to pick up June’s punishing new Terrorizer, this issue also includes:

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Angela Gossow insetIt is all change for ARCH ENEMY. After fourteen years, Angela Gossow has stood down as singer. Terrorizer spoke to her, her successor Alissa White-Gluz, and the band’s leader Michael Amott to find out why this happened, what the future holds, and why metal needs Arch Enemy…

(Words: Tom Dare, Pics: Marie GC)

“If people want to forget me, that’s cool. But I know they never forgot Johan Liiva – I got to hear that all the way through those twelve years!” Angela Gossow is no longer the singer in Arch Enemy. On March 17 this year, a joint statement between her, band leader Michael Amott and Angela’s successor was released, bringing to the end a chapter in extreme metal that changed minds and opened doors that had too long been considered a conservative taboo in extreme metal.

The German vocalist joined the band in 2000, after the departure of the band’s original vocalist – the aforementioned Johan Liiva, who the fans were so quick to remind Angela of – and contributed to five studio albums, plus the rerecordings compilation ‘The Root Of All Evil’. On the surface of it, that brief career summation does not make clear why this is, to use internet vernacular, a Big Fucking Deal. Even taking into account Arch Enemy’s stature within global metal, the full import of what has happened is not apparent – although that is, in itself, an important point.

Arch Enemy inset 2“The metal scene needs bands like Arch Enemy,” Michael tells Terrorizer. “A lot of bands get better reviews than Arch Enemy, but not many people sell as many tickets as Arch Enemy – it’s about the fan support. I understand that the critics don’t love Arch Enemy, because we’re like the people’s band, in a way.”

His point is a fair one. While publications and underground commentators might have spent Angela’s time in Arch Enemy dicking off more over Neurosis, Khanate, Deathspell Omega, Altar Of Plagues or some other esoteric pioneer, none of those bands – not even Neurosis – have rivalled Arch Enemy’s popularity. They are, to borrow a phrase from former Tez staffer Merl Alderslade, the band designed for arenas who just happen to be playing extreme metal. They are, in all likelihood, responsible for getting more new fans into the gritty stuff in the twentieth century than practically any band, with the exception of Slipknot and, possibly, Amon Amarth.

But neither of those bands destroyed one long-standing, frankly ridiculous prejudice held by metal; Arch Enemy, with Angela Gossow front and centre, were the first band to destroy for good the notion that a woman could not front an extreme metal band. In terms of vocal strength, on stage persona and profile within metal, Angela was both a pioneer and a star. Sure, she is not the first woman to sing extreme metal, and Jo Bench was an integral part of Bolt Thrower many years and five albums before Arch Enemy even existed, but Angela was the first bona fide star. The door open, the likes of Grace Perry of Landmine Marathon and Laura Pleasants have followed in their own, distinct styles, but it was Fraulein Gossow who kicked that door open for them.

So, why the fuck is she leaving? Get Terrorizer 249 to find out why!


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