Terrorizer 245 – Bow Before The Might Of Behemoth

By on 27 January 2014

245The dark lord has returned. In February’s fiery new Terrorizer, BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal talks to us about Satan – what it means to him, and what the true meaning is behind new album ‘The Satanist’. He talks finding inspiration in dark places, the sinister side of his nature, and not caring if he alienates everyone.

Black metal legends MAYHEM bring us an explosive, exclusive report on their tour of South America, which featured cross-dressing prostitutes, expectations of death, and trying to use the bathroom when there is no bathroom and you are in crocodile country. WITHIN TEMPTATION tell us why they worked with Xzibit, and why the phrase “female-fronted metal” should be taken out back and shot.

Swedish rifflords GRAND MAGUS explain the difference between sticking to your guns and complacency. ALCEST mastermind Neige tells exactly why they have left metal behind entirely, and why they were never truly a black metal band. And Dani Filth leads us back into the fog as CRADLE OF FILTH’S debut album is remembered in our Dark Recollections.

AMON AMARTH do battle with a Viking-themed Hard Of Hearing, and death metal brutalitsts BENIGHTED explore psychosis and hideous violence in lyrics. SLOUGH FEG talk technology, humour in metal and the promiscuity of philosophers, and INDIAN tell us why their miserabler-than-all doom is a reflection of their lives.

And if you still want more, Terrorizer this month also features:


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