Terrorizer 244 – 2013 end of year polls and what’s happening in 2014

By on 23 December 2013

Terrorizer 244

Terrorizer 244

In January’s brand new Terrorizer, we look ahead to all the amazing music on its way in the coming year, giving you masses of examples of why 2014 will be a great year for extreme music. We speak to Tom G Warrior about TRIPTYKON’S earth-shattering new work, discover from Jus Oborn how the new ELECTRIC WIZARD album is sounding, and hear from Alex Webster about CANNIBAL CORPSE’S dark new record. We also get the latest from ANAAL NATHRAKH, TESTAMENT, NAPALM DEATH, ARCH ENEMY, DECAPITATED, GRAND MAGUS, EXODUS and many, many more.

We also look back at what ruled in 2013, with our experts delivering their verdicts with the Critics’ Poll, and you – our passionate readers – telling us what kicked ass this year (and what sucked, for good measure) in the Readers’ Poll. Who were the best bands? The best records? The best festivals? The bold new acts? The abominable puddles of effluent you wish you could flush? It’s all revealed here.

We talk to Jon Schaffer and Stu Block from ICED EARTH about why heavy metal is much smarter than people think, and why there’s more to their imagery than just zombie horror. We talk to the Nameless Ghouls of GHOST B.C. about their amazing year, and YEAR OF NO LIGHT explain why total creative freedom can also present surprising challenges.

We put Sakis Tolis from ROTTING CHRIST and Alan Averill from TWILIGHT OF THE GODS and PRIMORDIAL to the test with our Hard Of Hearing, and discover what band one of them would rather pull his fingernails out than listen to. KATATONIA’S Jonas Renkse tells us his favourite songs, KRISIUN reveal the challenges they faced getting anyone to care back when Sepultura was the only Brazilian band the music industry cared about, and HELLFEST reveal how they managed to book well, everyone, basically.

If that’s still not enough to get you excited, this month’s issue also includes:


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244 Contents - click for a bigger image

244 Contents – click for a bigger image

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