Sunpocrisy stream new track ‘Eyegasm’

By on 22 October 2015

Post-progressive metal band Sunpocrisy release their second album ‘Eyegasm, Hallelujah!’ November 1 on WOOAAARGH/Dullest Records/Drown Within Records/Shove Records in all formats, including a two-disc gatefold vinyl set. All these will be available via the Sunpocrisy Bandcamp page.

The album was recorded in Ravenna, Italy by Riccardo Pasini (The Secret, Nero di Marte, Ephel Duath) and mastered in Chicago by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Voivod, Pelican, Yob, Wovenhand, Minsk),

Speaking about the track, the band told Terrorizer:

“‘Eyegasm’ is the opener song of the album, and represents the perfect bridge between ‘Samaroid Dioramas’ and what we’re going to face in the new record. Lyrics and music lead listeners through this new path, which is very different from the past world but with continuous recalls to it. From dreamy atmospheres to resounding distortions, ‘Eyegasm’ contains all the main characteristics of our sound today, to dive the listener into the wide concept described. Through complex guitar weavings and constant percussive patterns, this song gives the first taste of what you will experience during the entire listening of these 9 songs, a last physical and mental trip to reach the end: the hallelujah!”

The band comprises:

Matt Boner: Guitars & Art
Riccardo Fanara: Drums
Stefano Gritti: Synth & Live Visuals
Jonathan Panada : Guitars & Vocals
Marco Tabacchini: Guitars & Noise
Gabriele Zampieri: Bass & Vocals

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