Sunnata stream new album ‘Zorya’

By on 8 April 2016

Sunnata are streaming their self-released new album ‘Zorya’, which is out 11 April. You can order Sunnata’s ‘Zorya’ here.

‘Zorya’ is the second offering from Warsaw-based ritual doom foursome Sunnata. While their previous effort ‘Climbing The Colossus’ was a nosebleed-inducing sludge metal statement, ‘Zorya’ expands Sunnata’s sonic scope to outer space realms by putting together crushing post-doom tones, fiery vocals and an overall trance-inducing songwriting. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Satanic Audio and the mind-bending artwork was designed by Jeffrey Smith from Ascending Storm.

Speaking about the album, the band said:

“After a year and half wisely spent writing and experimenting, and a mere four days at Satanic Audio studios (Thaw, Belzebong, Weedpecker), our new album is born. ‘Zorya’ is totally different from ‘Climbing The Colossus’ from top to bottom. We had enough time to record and develop an album, that finally sounds as huge and monstrous as we wanted to, with downtuned fuzzed out guitars and distorted bass, pumping drums and psyched out vocals, all working together to take you for a long journey through monolithic soundscapes. The entire creative process – our gear, songwriting, atmospheres as well as our approach – has changed and evolved towards something deeper, yet less direct. It means that ‘Zorya’ is definitely heavier, but not that aggressive as ‘Climbing The Colossus’. It’s a 50-minute long trip from one state of mind to another, merging full spectrum of emotions, drugging you with noise. It’s an exploration of impermanent nature of sound, full of rapid changes and distortion overdose.”

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