Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats album review and stream

By on 22 March 2013

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats new album ‘Mind Control’ has been warmly appreciated by Jim Martin in Terrorizer #234, Here’s what Jim thinks of the record, and you can listen to a stream of the track ‘Follow the Leader’.

Uncle Acid Mind Control

Mystique is a powerful force to have on one’s side in this cynical age, and Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, these cult heroes who seemed to appear fully-formed from some vinyl-obsessed psych-freak’s wildest dreams, have reaped its rewards more than most.

Thus, the test for ‘Mind Control’, the second opus by this thus far faceless entity, will be whether it can transcend the underground kudos that their debut ‘Blood Lust’ gathered along its grisly path. Luckily for whoever actually constitutes this band, it’s a sly charmer. Production values are worryingly less threadbare here, yet thankfully the cryptic charisma that helped to elevate these droogs to cult status appears intact, very much the stuff of dusty second-hand gatefold sleeves, midnight horror showings in dilapidated fleapits and sinister goings-on in small country towns.

Moreover, the trademark Deadbeat cocktail of stomping Sabbathian riffery, nasal Lennon-esque melody and psyched out ornamentation is dealt out with a formidable kick. It could be argued, besides the campfire acoustic drone-jam of ‘Follow The Leader’ that surprises are thin on the ground here, and a cynic might even mutter that there’s more than a passing resemblance to the slightly faceless jam-outs of a Desert Session record here.

Yet as unquantifiable as Uncle Acid’s appeal is, it’s a classy formula they follow, a worthy trash culture heritage they borrow from, and their single-minded fortitude of approach, not to mention creepily cobwebbed signature sound renders them fit to annihilate a thousand laboured retro rock timewasters currently wearily treading the boards.


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