Tormented ‘Death Awaits’ album review and stream

By on 21 March 2013

Tormented Death Awaits 300

Tormented’s ‘Death Awaits’ is given the once-over by Dan Burton in Terrorizer 234.

So authentic sounding is Tormented’s brand of Swedish death metal that you could almost swear that it was a newly unearthed recording from the early ’90s that someone had found down the back of a sofa in Sunlight Studios.

‘I.O.T.D’ follows the left hand path of early Entombed, with its heavy BOSS HM-2 drenched riffs and howled vocals of Andreas Axelson.  ‘Into The Crypts of Death’ evokes Celtic Frost in more than name alone, even opening up with a Tom G Warrior style death grunt.


You can get ‘Death Awaits’ from Listenable here.

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