Tormented 'Death Awaits' album review and stream - Terrorizer Tormented 'Death Awaits' album review and stream

Tormented ‘Death Awaits’ album review and stream

By on March 21, 2013

Tormented Death Awaits 300

Tormented’s ‘Death Awaits’ is given the once-over by Dan Burton in Terrorizer 234.

So authentic sounding is Tormented’s brand of Swedish death metal that you could almost swear that it was a newly unearthed recording from the early ’90s that someone had found down the back of a sofa in Sunlight Studios.

‘I.O.T.D’ follows the left hand path of early Entombed, with its heavy BOSS HM-2 drenched riffs and howled vocals of Andreas Axelson.  ‘Into The Crypts of Death’ evokes Celtic Frost in more than name alone, even opening up with a Tom G Warrior style death grunt.


You can get ‘Death Awaits’ from Listenable here.

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