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By on 9 October 2014

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Steve Austin’s venomous noise rock behemoths Today Is The Day will be unleashing their tenth studio album ‘Animal Mother’ next week, but you can hear the entire thing here first, exclusively with Terrorizer…

As is customary for a Today Is The Day album, this new release sees the band’s lineup being shuffled around yet again, as previous drummer Jeff Lohrber (ex-Trap Them, ex-Harlots) returns to the fold alongside new bassist Sean Conkling, replacing the rhythm section of Curran Reynolds (drums) and Ryan Jones (bass) who played on 2011’s ‘Pain Is A Warning’.

Austin himself had this to say about the band’s new material:

“I am super excited about this new album. I feel it is my finest work to this date. It is the most complex and HEAVY metal/noise record we have ever made. This is real. We got together and wrote these songs. No bullshit Protools crap; just pure violent energy and real band songwriting in the middle of the woods in Maine. I would say it lies somewhere between ‘Temple of The Morning Star’ and ‘In The Eyes of God’, and Jeff’s playing is beyond incredible. I was determined to push the limits in complexity, musicianship, and creativity as far as we could and I feel we have put together a record that narrates the horror and pain that we have been living through.”

Check out ‘Animal Mother’ below, and then read our review (which is due to appear in Terrorizer #254)…

‘Animal Mother’

After making four consecutive all-time classics in the 1990s, and spending the 2000s littered with shaky production values and ragged missteps (yet still somehow featuring more moments of soul searing power than most artists will ever manage in a career), 2011’s ‘Pain Is A Warning’ saw Steve Austin guide his noise metal killing machine back towards their peak era.

Not as complete of a hellish Möbius strip as 1997’s ‘Temple Of The Morning Star’ or as emotionally affecting as 1994’s ‘Willpower’, nor was it the psychotic apex of humanity’s attempts to capture the essence of nightmares in audio form like 1996’s peerless self-titled instalment, but nevertheless, it was a thoroughbred beast of an album fit to stand beside them. It’s in that context that you should be very fucking excited to hear that ‘Animal Mother’ represents a substantial improvement.

Austin cracks open a portal to black metal purgatory as ‘Imperfection’ judders into being, rampages through spittle flecked bar brawl rock on ‘Sick Of Your Mouth’ and even throws in a little fan service with ‘Outlaw’ delivered as a dark acoustic ballad alongside its evil electric twin. Where its predecessor tended to fixate on some ideas a couple of minutes too long, this time there’s no let up until ‘Bloodwood’ justifies its extended duration by lingering on a melody that’d have Vladimir Putin pretending there was something in his eye. Ten albums in, Today Is The Day still stand as the ultimate rebuke to genre-obsessed boilerplate metal, wrenching exorcisms into artworks and imbuing them with a heaviness that goes right down to the marrow.


Today Is The Day will be playing at this year’s Temples Festival in Bristol, due to take place from May 29th – 31st.

‘Animal Mother’ is due to be released on October 13th via Southern Lord

You can find Today Is The Day on Facebook.

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