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By on 20 March 2013

Flesh is Heir 2

The Amenta album ‘Flesh is Heir’ is reviewed in Terrorizer #234 which is available here.

Third album, third singer, not that vocalist Cain Cressall wasn’t present on the ‘VO1D’ EP (2011), or hasn’t been fronting the band for the last three years, but here, he finally gets to stamp his mark on a full-length slice of punishment, delivering an impassioned and edge-of-sanity performance. Musically ‘Flesh Is Heir’ is a big step up from 2008’s ‘nOn’. ‘Flesh Is Heir‘has progressed The Amenta into a more precise industrial black metal machine, no rawness here, no lo-fi production. Along with the metal there are two brilliant industrial tracks – ‘A Womb Tone’ and ‘A Palimpesest’ – showing The Amenta are far more than just a black metal band with industrial influences.


‘Flesh is Heir’ is available at Listenable here.




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