Stream Vanhelga’s New Album ‘Längtan’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 21 April 2014


Swedish depressive black metal outfit Vanhelga will be releasing their moody new album ‘Längtan’, but you can hear the entire thing right here, exclusively with Terrorizer…

This is Vanhelga’s third full-length to date, and their first to be recorded as an entire band (the two previous records were created entirely by mysteriously named vocalist / guitarist 145188), and sounds far more assured than previous efforts as a result.

The band had this to say about the new record:

“With ‘Längtan’, we have each sought, either with our words or our music, to give voice to our hatred of life. And our love of life. A life that is a prison full of slaves. If we don’t embrace the end of this life, and transcend the limitations imposed on us by this world we live in, then we will never be free. Because freedom can only exist once we have broken free from the material world and the strictures imposed on us by society. To attain it, we must become one with all and none. It is a state we can only attain through death. ‘Längtan’ is about longing. ‘Längtan’ is about death. It is about facing death without fear and without regret, because death is another chapter in our life, not the ending of it. It is the definitive chapter in our lives. Lives that are lived as half lives, fake lives, because we are forced to live them within the only reality that this fucked-up world allows us. It is an existence we want to escape from in order that we may truly start to live. So that we may find peace. A peace we can only find after death. A life we can only live after death. A life we can live forever. ‘Längtan’ is about longing. ‘Längtan’ is about death. ‘Längtan’ is about the longing to die.”

Check it out below…

‘Längtan’ is due to be released on April 28th via Art of Propaganda.

You can find Vanhelga on Facebook.

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