Stream Towers Of Flesh’s ‘Antithetical Conjurations’ In Full

By on 1 June 2014


Birmingham based blackened death metal trio Towers Of Flesh are all set to release their evil new album ‘Antithetical Conjurations’ via Candlelight Records next week, but Terrorizer is proud to offer up a stream of the entire thing right now…

Featuring members of Binah, Funeral Throne and Theoktony (amongst others), there’s no doubting Towers Of Flesh’s pedigree, and ‘Antithetical Conjurations’ is every bit as uncompromising as you’d expect.. The album contains six tracks, clocks in around 40 minutes and wastes no time infusing menacing harmonies with discordant rhythms, weaving a very foreboding atmosphere indeed in the process.

The dynamic of the trio is invariably different from many of their contemporaries since all instrumental duties are handled exclusively by two members. In addition to this, the band is fairly exclusive with regards to live dates, albeit unintentionally, and it seems as though appearances on the local and national circuit are rare. However, all members are linked to other bands within the UK’s underground music scene and seem to have come together in order to amalgamate their influences in the hope of creating something fresh and stimulating for the listener.

Artwork for ‘Antithetical Conjurations’ comes courtesy of Aisha Louisa Al-Sadie, whilst the album itself was written and recorded by Anil Carrier at Darksound Studios in Wolverhampton. Check it out below…

‘Antithetical Conjurations’ is out on September 15 via Candlelight Records, and is available to pre-order here.

You can find Towers Of Flesh on Facebook.

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