Stream Totem Skin’s Debut ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 14 October 2013


Swedish dark hardcore troupe Totem Skin are streaming their debut full-length ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ in its entirety, exclusively with Terrorizer.

Totem Skin formed as a trio last year, releasing two EPs that saw their own distinct style of passionate, crusty hardcore fury blossoming into something quite spectacular indeed. The band’s lineup has since grown to accommodate a full six members, and their sound has been subject to a similar evolution too.

‘Still Waters Run Deep’, their first album length release, is their most intense yet, weaving intricate and sombre melodies in amongst their apocalyptic displays of aggression. The album is a diverse listen, juxtaposing explosions of blind rage with moments of eerie calm, as the band’s dual vocalists lacerate their vocal chords over the top of it all.

‘Still Waters Run Deep’ is due to be released in late November via Dog Knights Productions, and is available to pre-order here. If you just can’t wait to hear it though, then hit the play button below and prepare to be floored…

You can find Totem Skin on Facebook.

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