Stream Of Spire & Throne’s New EP ‘Toll Of The Wound’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 29 April 2014


Cavernous Edinburgh based doom trio Of Spire & Throne will be releasing their utterly pulverising new EP ‘Toll Of The Wound’ next month, but you can bask in the bleakness right here, right now, exclusively with Terrorizer…

Of Spire & Throne have been steadily refining their hefty, abyssal sound over the past five years, releasing a string of EPs that captivated the doom underground, including 2012’s gigantic ‘Vagary’, a dark 21 minute epic that threatens the foundations of both your house and sanity, and a split with Dutch sludge brigade Ortega last year. If you’ve never had the pleasure of being flattened by these guys, then you should probably rectify that right now – and what a fine place to start!

Mastered by the legendary James Plotkin (Khanate, O.L.D., Phantomsmasher), ‘Toll Of The Wound’ could well be the band’s heaviest release so far. The three lengthy tracks that comprise it sound humongous, summoning a dense, weighty presence that will have Corrupted, Burning Witch and Winter fans drooling with delight.

Check it out below…

‘Toll Of The Wound’ is due to be released on May 13th via Broken Limbs Recordings.

You can find Of Spire & Throne on Facebook.

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