Stream Sea Bastard’s New Album ‘Scabrous’ In Full

By on 23 May 2014


Brighton’s monstrous sludge quartet Sea Bastard are about to re-release their latest album, the utterly crushing ‘Scabrous’. If you missed the boat on this one the first time round, don’t make the same mistake again; head in here and stream the entire thing right now!

Since forming in 2011, Sea Bastard have quickly made themselves known as one of the UK’s heaviest sludge practitioners. The band’s wonderfully monikered 2011 demo ‘Great Barrier Riff’ was a real force of nature, a collection of sickeningly weighty riffs, harrowing shrieks and colossal amounts of low end that established the quartet as a band to keep an eye on, and with good reason; Sea Bastard’s sound finds the perfect middle ground between lethargic, ominous dirges and propulsive, bowel shaking groove.

‘Scabrous’ is the follow-up to the band’s self-titled 2012 debut, and amazingly enough, outdoes its predecessor in terms of songwriting prowess, thick, meaty production and sheer balls-out heaviness; 17 minute opener ‘Nokken’ alone will be enough to floor you for weeks! The album was originally self-released in October of last year, but is now finally being released as a deluxe double LP, housed in a gatefold sleeve and featuring new artwork from the band’s guitarist Oliver Irongiant (also of War Wolf).

Check it out below…

‘Scabrous’ is available now as a joint release between Black Reaper Records, Dry Cough Records and Mosh Tuneage, and is available to order here or here

You can find Sea Bastard on Facebook.

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