Stream Satan’s Satyrs’ ‘Wild Beyond Belief!’ In Full

By on 25 September 2013


Terrorizer is proud to be hosting a stream of Satan’s Satyrs’ awesome debut full-length ‘Wild Beyond Belief!’ in its entirety.

‘Wild Beyond Belief!’ is comprised of eight scuzzy doom-punk anthems, marrying high-octane Stooges style rock with Sabbathian weight. Don’t lump these guys in with the current ‘retro’ revival that’s taking place though, as Satan’s Satyrs sound far more deranged and dangerous than your average group of bell bottomed stoners. From the raucous, filthy opener ‘Sadist 69’ to the eerie, psychedelic closer ‘Satan’s Satyrs’, this is one wild thrill ride indeed.

Satan’s Satyrs are now a fully formed power trio, but at the time of recording this album, the band consisted of no-one else but mastermind Clayton ‘Claythanas’ Burgess. Speaking to Terrorizer about the album’s sound, he had this to say…

“To put it as bluntly as possible, I wanted the speed and aggression of Black Flag, but I wanted the psychedelic, downtuned, horror infused atmosphere of Electric Wizard, and I just wanted to combine the two into one band, really. They’re two of my favourite bands, and I always was fascinated by the similarities and the differences, and the space in between. I feel like they’re both equal bands, they had so much in common, but so much different, that I just wanted to explore that area.”

With ‘Wild Beyond Belief!’, Clay has certainly discovered some potent new terrain in between the two aforementioned bands, but don’t just take our word for it. Crank up your speakers and tuck in to the full album stream below…

‘Wild Beyond Belief!’ is released through Bad Omen Records.

You can find Satan’s Satyrs on Facebook.

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