Stream Impure Wilhelmina’s ‘Black Honey’ In Full, Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 3 February 2014

IW-Black Honey Promo 1

Swiss post-hardcore troupe Impure Wilhelmina have teamed up with Terrorizer for an exclusive stream of their forthcoming album ‘Black Honey’, in its entirety…

Impure Wilhelmina was founded in 1996 by brothers Michael (guitar/vocals) and David Schindl (drums), and their abrasive yet emotional self-released debut ‘Afraid’ quickly established the band’s place among the leading lights of Swiss metallic hardcore alongside such local legends as Nostromo and Knut. The band would go on to produce three more critically acclaimed albums over the next few years, but never quite gain the same level of recognition as some of their peers.

All that looks set to change in 2014. ‘Black Honey’, their fifth full-length to date, represents the culmination of 17 years of the band’s personal and musical growth, wherein their trademark blend of intricate, yet emotional metallic hardcore and oppressive sludge stomp has been overtaken – but by no means overwhelmed – by the shimmering pop sensibilities that have always lurked beneath the surface of the band’s heartfelt compositions.

Check it out below…

‘Black Honey’ is due to be released on February 14th via Hummus Records and is available to pre-order here.

You can find Impure Wilhelmina on Facebook.

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