Stream Crom Dubh’s New Album ‘Heimweh’ In Full

By on 21 April 2015


London black metal quartet Crom Dubh are all set to release their windswept debut ‘Heimweh’ next month, but you can stream the entire thing right here, right now…

Check out our review and then hit play below to let the music itself do the talking…

London’s Crom Dubh are a band with current touchstones in black metal, both in the UK and further afield. ‘Heimweh’, their debut album – they formed in 2003 and have only released one EP previously – has elements of Celtic folk and blurry drone-rock amidst martial, battle-ready black metal. It’s not the Winterfylleth or Fen clone you might have feared, though. Occasional ambient interludes work well enough, and Mike Beonetleah’s vocals growl with requisite demoncy, but it’s the guitars that really make this album. ‘The Invulnerable Tide’s combination of intense tremolo and delicate folk-derived melody has unlikely echoes of ’90s Bristolian drone-rockers Flying Saucer Attack, while on ‘Sedition’ they sound a bit like bagpipes, although happily unlike Big Country.

‘Heimweh’ is due to be released on March 17th via Ván

You can find Crom Dubh on Facebook

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