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Feral black thrash lunatics Cemetery Lust have recently released their new album ‘Orgies Of Abomination’, and you can stream the entire thing right here…

Coming across like some lurid, venom spewing combination of Repulsion and early Bathory, this Oregon based quintet certainly aren’t messing around when it comes to gleefully destructive, no-bullshit old school metal madness. Following on from their cult debut album ‘Screams Of The Violated’, their latest effort ‘Orgies Of Abomination’ contains elements of ’80s German proto-black, San Francisco speed metal, and even South American proto-death, all wrapped up in the band’s distinctively sleazy sound.

Check it out below…

We also had a brief chat with drummer Disgustor, who turned out to be an interesting character to say the least…

Could you tell us briefly how Cemetery Lust formed?
Disgustor (drums): “I ran into Raypist (bass) at this party and he was rocking a Mentors shirt on his big gut. I have been a huge Mentors fan for years so I had to go say what’s up to him. We got to talking and were into a lot of the same sleazy shit, Mentors, Sarcófago, early Sepultura, the Shawn Michaels theme song, etc. Nasty Nate (guitars) was living in the house that the party was at and we all decided we should start a band. Andrew (vocals) came into the picture with his violent pornographic screeching lyrics and the first song we wrote was ‘Sexual Maniac’ in the summer of 2009. The other guitarist in the band (Crystal Seth) and I had a band prior to Cemetery Lust – Nekro Drunkz, which is still shocking & offending audiences and ears to this day (puke… new album ‘Tyrants Of Toilet Music’ OUT NOW!!!). So we were familiar with writing nasty tunes already since late 2007.”

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?
Disgustor: “I have never played in a band that didn’t sing about sex, booze and drugs. No fukkin wimp foofy bullshit about being true to your self or holding your mom’s hand or whatever all the shit bands are writing about these days. We’ll squeeze your mom’s tits!! When we first got together the idea was to blend Mentors style sleaze with the Brazil style extreme metal PLUS some Bay Area thrash thrown in. I think we still sound like all that shit, no happy sounding parts allowed!! Blast beats and razor sharp solos are essential!”

What kind of stuff are you and the rest of the band into? Who would you cite as influences?
Disgustor: “I am into all sorts of metal and grind! Besides the bands mentioned above some of my other favorites & influences on my drumming are, Macabre, Impetigo, Repulsion, Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Autopsy, Bestial Warlust, Sadistik Exekution, Beherit, Sabbat (Japan) Rogue Male, Sadistic Intent, Impaled Nazarene, Hobbs Angel Of Death, AxCx, Revenge, ZZ Top, early Melvins, and recently Torture Rack, Witchvomit, Astraes Pestis, Necrot, Rude, Weregoat, Slutvomit, Maniak, and Trepenation are all killing the west coast!! The rest of the band and myself are all HUGE fans of the Scorpions – they are easily one of the best bands of all time! Other favorites of the band are Kreator, Possessed, Sadus, Dark Angel, Venom, Bathory, Onslaught, Anvil, Sextrash, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Infernal Majesty, Razor, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, first 3 Slayer albums, Grave, AC/DC, and some other shit. Hail to to old school true extreme metal!”

How does your writing process normally work out? Will you meet up with song ideas pretty much fully formed beforehand, or do you tend to jam stuff out a bit more?
Disgustor: “A lot of the songs on ‘Orgies Of Abomination’ were written by Crystal Seth and I just jamming together. I would come up with drum parts and show them to him/ He would have riffs ready to show me and we would get the skeletons of the songs ready and then teach the rest of the band and Andrew lays the lyrics down. Seriously, Andrew should write erotic novels because the stuff he comes up with is totally morbid and raunchy, the ladies are always soaking! In the beginning we would all be in the room together writing, it’s hard to get all 5 bastards in the same place because they are usually at Rose City Strip club squeezing tits and smelling clits!! Or sometimes you can find Nasty Nate at the sex dungeon up the street, stinking up the place making it smell like bologna. Raypist is usually drunk out of his mind and Andrew likes to stick to window peeping! People think that the songs are unrealistic, but for the most part they are true,the way we live, come to Portland and you will see!!! FUKK YOU COWARDS!!!!”

What can you tell us about your new album, ‘Orgies Of Abomination’?
Disgustor: “‘Orgies…’ was recorded by Mike Lastra at the legendary Smegma Studios analog reel to reel. It was a great time being high out of our heads recording the new album. It was done in less than 10 hours! ‘Orgies Of Abomination’ is a lot faster and more aggressive than our previous album I believe. Also I think Andrew’s lyrics are more fukked in the head as well!! Cemetery Lust likes it raw, that’s the way its gonna be, don’t like it – eat some shit! The vinyl is going to be killer! Also there is a Cassette version coming out on HEADSPLIT RECORDS.”

It seems like a lot of metal bands are going back to the genre’s filthy, old school roots at the moment – what’s your opinion on this?
Disgustor: “GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too have noticed this, and it is important!! There is so much lame,weak, politically correct horse shit in “commercial” metal and even in the underground presently. It makes me fukkin sick, I hate that shit! I’d rather listen to classic rock than some of the cry baby diarrhoea that is labelled as “metal” today! And I don’t think you have to do gravity blasting/sweeping guitars the whole song either. Worship the old school, play with aggression and strength and ferocity like metal was meant to played! I will listen to bands rip off other bands over and over as long as they are doing it right and in their own way. Metal does not need anything NEW!”

What’s been your best moment as a band? And on the flipside, what’s been the worst thing to happen to you in music?
Disgustor: “Best moment easily was getting involved with the mighty HELLS HEADBANGERS! This is a label we truly respect not only as a band on the roster but as a fan. We have nothing but respect for their dedication and interest in true underground metal! It is an honor to be featured along some of our favorite bands, Inquisition, Nunslaughter, Profanatica, Cemetery Urn , Black Witchery, Deceased, Nekrofilth, Embalmer and more!! But we have also played with many great bands and had memorable shows with Impiety, Anvil, Morbosidad, etc. also we were the FIRST band to play our favorite strip club – Rose City Strip – the ONLY extreme metal bar on the west coast!! We have had lots of bad luck as a band – boxes of merch flying out of the car on the freeway, tons of equipment failure, our CDs didn’t show up in time for west coast tour, oil cap falling out on way to Seattle ruining the car half the band was riding in. Fuck all that shit – we are here to drink beer and beat the piss out of our instruments!!!”

What’s next for you guys?
Disgustor: “We are writing new tunes right now. Hells Headbangers is reissuing our out of print 1st album ‘Screams Of The Violated’. Doing another tour sometime soon hopefully hitting Denver/El Paso/ Vegas/ Salt Lake City. Lots more heavy drinking and gambling. Our livers could give out at any time so we will see!!!! Thanks to all the fans old and new! Thanks to Terrorizer for featuring this mental garbage and for supporting true metal for many years!! Cheers you freaks, I’m off to go stick my dick in the dirt at Lone Fir Cemetery!!! Contact Cemetery Lust/Nekro Drunkz/Headsplit records at –”

‘Orgies Of Abomination’ is out now via Hell’s Headbangers.

You can find Cemetery Lust on Facebook.

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