Stream BongCauldron’s Debut EP In Full, Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 17 December 2013


Raucous sludge power trio BongCauldron have teamed up with Terrorizer for an exclusive stream of their upcoming debut EP.

Since forming back in 2011, BongCauldron have quickly established themselves as one of Leeds’ heaviest exports. Having refined their sound during shows with the likes of Sunwølf, Windhand and Pilgrim, BongCauldron are finally ready to flatten us all with their first self-titled EP.

These guys certainly don’t skimp on the riff front, and their dense, bottom heavy sludge-a-thons contain just the right amount of up-beat, hard rockin’ groove to open up that pit whilst simultaneously crushing the crowd into a fine paste. From the boisterous, catchy refrain of ‘Pissed Up’ to the humongous Sleep worship of the gloriously ponderous ‘Gimp Jig’, BongCauldronseem to have all the bases covered when it comes to crafting no-nonsense, heavier-than-a-chainmail-clad-walrus sludge.

If you dig bands like Dopefight, Gurt and the sorely missed Iron Monkey, then this is one EP that’s going to be subject to heavy rotation in your stereo come January.

So don’t delay, grab your nearest smoking utensil, hit play and bang that head…

‘BongCauldron’ is due to be released on January 14th 2014 via Superhot Records, and is available to pre-order here.

You can find BongCauldron on Facebook.

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