Stream Annihilation’s New Single ‘The Great Cycle’ With Terrorizer

By on 8 April 2014


Portuguese death metal powerhouse Annihilation have joined forces with Terrorizer for an exclusive premiere of their brand new single, ‘The Great Cycle’…

The band’s founder Fabio Da Silva explained the concept behind the ‘The Great Cycle’ as such:

“[The lyrics] describe the way the human being is connected/linked with the universe. When the 7 chakras are in perfect alignment and in balance with the cosmos, it empowers us and allows us to reach a much higher state of consciousness. But the powers that be do not want an empowered human race and so they try to break/disrupt that cycle/balance making the human race suffer and to lose balance.”

As well as being released as a single, ‘The Great Cycle’ will also make an appearance on the band’s forthcoming EP ‘The Undivided’, which is tentatively due for an Autumn release this year. If that seems like too long to wait however, then fear not; you can hear ‘The Great Cycle’ below…

‘The Great Cycle’ single is due to be released on May 1st.

You can find Annihilation on Facebook.

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