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By on 27 April 2017

We spoke to A|V, the man behind new solo black metal outfit Abduction, about the challenges involved writing and recording music by yourself, and his new album ‘To Further Dreams Of Failure’, which you can stream in full too…

Based in Derby, ‘To Further Dreams Of Failure’ is a blistering, ice-cold collection documenting Abduction’s first year of existence. Recording with “an unwritten ‘three takes or less’ rule” has granted ‘To Further Dreams Of Failure’ a raw, furious energy, with A|V’s tortured shrieks and knack for labyrinthine yet memorable songwriting reeking of early Leviathan, with the odd massive fuck-off Darkthrone riff thrown in for good measure. You can stream the record in its entirety below, and see what A|V had to say about it below…

Could you tell us briefly how the idea for Abduction came into existence? Did you know right from day one that this would be a solo project, and if so, why?
“I’ve been in plenty of bands over the years, in various different roles. I just felt that right now was the time. The idea began a few years ago and with the help of a friend who programmed the drums for some of the tracks. It was far less serious then and pretty much something that existed to upset the regular musicians at local open mic nights. Bizarrely, I ended up doing a small tour of Germany under the moniker ‘necroface’ in 2013  when tour plans for one of my real bands fell through. it was certainly an eye opener. It was put on a shelf for a few years after that because of other commitments. I decided last year to play around recording the tracks at home and sort of fell into a ritualistic routine of recording late at night after lots of wine and anything else I could get my hands on. I knew it would be a solo effort for certain from then really.”

How do you find the writing process differs for a solo project when compared to writing music with a group of people? Do you ever miss having other people to bounce ideas off?
“It’s completely different to what I’m used to. I’ve had projects where the music has all been written in a ‘jam’ type scenario and I’m still in a band that much more calculated and rehearsed. Though with Abduction, I enjoy the musical freedom that comes with total isolation. There’s something completely pure about plucking an idea from nowhere and tracking it immediately.  and most of those ideas end up being the final takes. I have an unwritten ‘three take or less’ rule.”

What can you tell us about your latest release, ‘To Further Dreams Of Failure’?
“Call it a short album, call it a long EP. It doesn’t really matter. It’s basically the document of the projects last year or so of existence. I announced the project at last year’s  Blackwood Gathering Festival in Cumbria by giving out a few homemade cassettes. ‘TFDOF’ is the tracks from the cassette remastered and 2 newer tracks. It’s bleak and depressive black metal. It’s just something I need to get out. Life can be painful and i like to express that. I wasn’t sure what to do with these tracks and then out of the blue I was approached by Inferna Profundus after hearing the stuff on band camp, who asked if I wanted to put out a CD release. Given they’ve put out releases for Enslaved, Archgoat, Watain etc etc, naturally I obliged.

Do you have any plans to record a full-length with Abduction?
“I’ve already started writing. Absolutely nothing concrete yet, but given the interest I’ve been receiving for TFDOF’ I suppose I should probably continue the project.”

Will Abduction remain a studio-only project, or have you considered playing any of this live to a drum machine?
“I have played live using the record tracks as backing minus vocals and one guitar  (both of which I’m playing). It’s a little strange but it’s all there and as long as I can conjure up an oppressive atmosphere I don’t see why I shouldn’t carry on by myself. Full bands are hard work.”

Black metal has been constantly evolving and changing over the years, and the phrase covers everything from Darkthrone to Deafheaven these days, but what does “black metal” mean to you personally? How would you define it?
“That’s the golden question isn’t it. To me it’s about the atmosphere. We all know it. That feeling when you listen to Nightside Eclipse or something. It’s a mixture of loss, sorrow, anger, all the negative emotions in one, yet simultaneously none at all. That being said, music will always evolve and it should. There should be conflict and resolution like,  push and pull. If you get too precious over something you throttle the thing that made it good in the first place. I think BM represents an opposition. How you interpret that opposition is an entirely selfish matter. I think it’s best when it successfully manages to juxtapose beauty with horror.”

What does the future have in store for Abduction?
“Certainly another (full length) record, probably towards the end of the year at the earliest . Hopefully a vinyl release of some sort too (if anybody interest in helping out with that please do get in touch). Now I have a couple of gigs under my belt I feel ready to jump at the right chance to do more. I don’t see it being a regular live project as such but it is a lot of miserable fun to do.”

Abduction are scheduled to play the following shows:

May 17th: Derby, The Hairy Dog (Event Page)
June 25th: Nottingham, Foremans Bar (Event Page)

‘To Further Dreams Of Failure’ is out now on Inferna Profundus Records and is available physically here

You can find Abduction on Facebook

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