Solitary ‘I Promise To Thrash Forever’ Stream & Album Review

By on 23 July 2014


UK thrash heroes Solitary have just released their new live album ‘I Promise To Thrash Forever’, and not only can you read Terrorizer’s review of the album right here, you can also stream the whole thing and see what you think for yourself…

‘I Promise To Thrash Forever’
With the fevered reaction to the exhumation of mates Xentrix last year, it’s clear that the UK is still hungry for some homegrown thrash. Enter semi-seminal undergrounders Solitary with this celebration of their twentieth birthday and all things roaring. A crowd-funded live effort, ‘I Promise…’ is a tight, ferocious barrage of anti-hits, choice cuts and more recent efforts (such as a functioning rendition of Testament’s ‘Into The Pit’ and a shout-out for the magazine you’re holding, which hosted ‘No Reason’ way back when), all performed to an audience of merry, loyal yobbos. There’s little in the way of variety, but their adroit expertise and sheer force is a reassuring exposure to what lies in the British undergrowth.

‘I Promise To Thrash Forever’ is available now via Copro Records.

You can find Solitary on Facebook.

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