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We’re streaming ‘The Next Extreme’ the new album from Schizoid and have an exclusive track by track from the man himself.

The self proclaimed ‘blackened industrial digital hardcore noise metal’ outfit from Canada have been honing their craft since 1998 and have even shared the stage with the likes of Hansel Und Gretel and Anaal Nathrakh.

You can stream ‘The Next Extreme’ below and scroll down for a track by track of the album from Schizoid himself.

‘The Next Extreme’
The title track screams of discontent. Where did everyone lose the script?  Things in the last decade became so safe and sterile.  I’m outraged and miss truly extreme music that sounds fucked up and blows my mind.  Even most extreme music is so patronizing and restrained.  This is a reintroduction to Schizoid’s blackened industrial digital hardcore noise metal.  Before the CD’s release, this was the B-Side to a limited to 300-copy 7” split with Human Herd. View the NSFW video here.

Out Of Reach’
Straightforward digital grindcore that comes from a scary place of desperation.  Sometimes your aspirations and longings seem so far away from your grasp, no matter what you do.  The waiting in working towards a goal is horrible to live through.

‘Pained’ appeared on an older comp in a much more electronic form. Schizoid has always performed this live and had to honor it by including it on the disc. This time it was about beefing it up a lot, and adding more desolate blackened guitars for this culmination.  Every song on the disc has a cameo from someone from the digital hardcore scene, on this I was excited to collaborate with JP/The Shizit/Rabbit Junk.

‘Real Evil’
I’m nonreligious and have my own ideas about what is ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’.  It is not daft closeness with deities – history’s shown the religious have done more evil than the evils they warn of.  What is more ‘evil’ is the indifference of the privileged at global challenges.  Poverty, disease, starvation, it’s all problems easily dismissed at the flick of the television remote…

‘Physical Is The Illusion’
This song’s something of an oddball, opting more on the experimental electronics than the cybermetal thing.  The singularity and the idea of artificial intelligence out-evolving  humanity has always fascinated me.  A mockery of the ‘God Created Man’ invokes a new ‘Man Creates God’, leaving man extinct except for digital restorage.

Nothing But The Same’
Frustration, thorough frustration fuels this sonic tantrum.  Trying to break out of the cage, screaming in the mirror.  Cars blowing up, people’s heads exploding, nuclear mushroom clouds in the distance.  I just wanted a straight on grinding angry blastbeat song.  Features Terrorizer scribe Alex Boniwell on backing vocals.

‘Fret, Regret’
A challenging realization of mixing digital hardcore and extreme metal guitars, taking forever to write properly in my head.  It’s about being paralyzed by self doubt, into being so critical that you can’t move forth, marginalizing yourself into permanent inaction.  A mid-tempo song, and definitely the most ‘traditional metal’ of the album, riff-wise.

‘Mainstream Underground’
I’ve been in one band or another for most of my life.  There is honoring, and keeping in tradition with your particular niche genre, I get that, I love that and live it.  But the rigidity of the group think fundamentalists is just so beneath me.  Sometimes the ‘rules’ to follow’ in the underground is just as bad as what we fight against from the corporate elements.  Do your own thing.

Schizoid - The Next Extreme

Another Go’
This comes from a place of thinking “Nothing’s for sure, what was comfort will end up in disappointment.  Everyone is a fuckin’ liar and there is a catch to everything.  Everything is so repetitive and monotonous.”  The track started out purely gabber, but ended up so metal that its breakdown was very much Darkthrone inspired.

This, the ‘slowest’ song, has a very eerie doom vibe.  It’s just about utter hopelessness, at all the things in life out of your control, all the resignations you have to make.  There are things that you have to grow to live with, or be destroyed by. Like the grief you harbor when someone close has passed – you tell yourself what you need to in order to continue functioning. This is the second single and has a video here.

‘Slaviour Saves’
We live in such a sick and lame civilization that makes religious-like martyrs of celebrity. We hold these useless people up as idols, get sick of their over saturation, and move onto the next. Where this starts off a ‘normal’ Schizoid song, it ends up in an all-out noise/power electronics fest…

Life Is Struggle’
One of the main themes of the disc is struggle. In living life you’ve got to continue to struggle, that’s the whole point – to keep struggling and survive and wrestle back what control you can. The back up vocals of Luna Seaux really makes the track and adds to the overall chaos.  This is a favorite to perform for my live noise DJ Talixzen.

‘Promise Of The End’
About this point in the album I realized the material was way more influenced by my writing with my other band at the time, black metal Dead Of Winter, than any digital hardcore roots. We’re bombarded with the threat of the apocalypse on a daily basis, feels like throughout our entire lives. When you start being captive to this empty promise, you start to neglect yourself and your potential…

‘Something To Look Forward To’
Another ‘digi-metal’ track, a lot of fun to play live and finally committed to record.  Take away the vagueness, it’s about the modern life’s emptiness; going to work, going home, going to bed and repeating, and how empty that can feel, whether it means you have money and material goods or not.

‘Final Descent’
I got scared in the songwriting process that this album might not even happen. A bunch of lyrics and music that never moved on and that made for a very frightening, almost delirious, very self-referential song. Way heavy and atmospheric, lots of screaming.

The Last Extreme’
It was very hard to think of how to end this album.  Of course it had to be a balls-out fast and heavy blastbeat song, but it took a long time to resolve a lot of things that had me thinking this would not only be the disc’s last song, but the last Schizoid CD, after that who knows what’d happen to me? In the end, I feel very triumphant, with everything that’s happened to me personally to be able to have, surpassed ‘The Last Extreme’ still alive and in one piece.

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