Noisem streaming debut album ‘Agony Defined’ with Terrorizer

By on 5 June 2013
(Pic: Josh Sisk)

(Pic: Josh Sisk)

Baltimore death thrashers Noisem are streaming their debut album ‘Agony Defined’ with Terrorizer.

Noisem play a death/thrash hybrid harking back to the likes of 80’s Slayer, Possessed and ‘Altars Of Madness’-era Morbid Angel. Oh and did we mention all five members are aged between 15 and 20?!

Agony Defined’ is out on 11 June via A389 Recordings but you can stream the whole album from these relentless whipper snappers  right here and keep an eye out for more on Noisem in Terrorizer 237, out June 13.

Check out Noisem on Facebook and to preorder the album from A389 click here.

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